28 November 2007

Etsy Top Favs: Part II

It's Wednesday night and time for Etsy Top Favs. I have so many - it's very hard to decide - so this week I'm only highlighting one:

I adore Yaelfran - she's an original. Her incredible art work is presented in pins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. (or as she lists as her favorite materials: paper, plastic, ink). She is lives in Buenos Aires and is a mother of two.

Here a just a few of my favorite things I've purchased:
Apple and Pear pins. (I have the Apple.)

Cool Women Rings. (I have the yellow one.)

You and me pendant.

Though shipping takes a little while from Buenos Aires it's totally worth it when you get your package. She adds many surprises and her work is so inspiring you'll be glad you waited!

Visit my blog next Wednesday for more Etsy Top Favs.


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