26 August 2013


I've been home two weeks and still owe you a trip post!
Soon! My broken arm has me at half capacity. I'm typing this with my left hand and I am not left handed.
Here's two little photos from Henry Ford Museum.

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06 August 2013

Greetings from Detroit

I'm visiting baby  Mona Mara this week!
I will show & tell all about when I return.

01 August 2013

Baby Mona Mara!

Look! She's here!

Mona Mara, 12:01 pm on 07.27.13, 6.5 lbs

Our very own Cupie!

What else is new?
I broke my arm falling on the gym floor while playing a fun game with kids at Vacation Bible School!'

But who cares!
Look at our baby!