18 April 2010

BIG News: Goodbye Doll Room...

I have news my Shop 66 friends... VERY BIG news that I've been keeping quiet the past few weeks and it's now time to share with you. I'm moving back to my home town, Pasadena/L.A. (California), in the very near future. And since I'm now past grieving and accepting the loss of my current Doll Room and anticipating the move, I've started packing. Are you ready to start this new adventure with me? Because I plan to share some of it here.

But DO NOT WORRY!! Shop 66 is not going bye-bye! Shop 66 is coming along too and will only be quiet (closed) a few months, mid-summer through early fall (approximately). I'll also be parting with excess so before Shop 66 is relocated, it will fill with fantastic things. (Hooray!)

Always remember, dreams can come true!

07 April 2010


Time has come for me to do a MAJOR clean out of my collection. I'm now ready to part with many things no one would ever image I'd part with. Because you see, I've been collecting fiendishly for the past several years to help fulfill a life long dream of mine. And yes, it's still a secret, known to only a few, but some day I'll reveal to you. All I know is it's time and I'm finally ready... so starting today I will be listing fantastic things in Shop 66 (Etsy shop).

Also, to be fair, there are no reserves on some dolls and payment is due immediately. If this criteria applies, it will noted in the flickr preview and the listing.

04 April 2010

Happy Easter! (and stuff)

Happy Easter Shop 66 friends! I lost my thunder a few days ago. Typical Spring allergies time for me. There's yellow pollen from oak trees everywhere and the #1 thing I'm allergic too.

We ready for the Easter Parade here in the Doll Room! Hoping we can visit the outdoors soon.

Pup 66 is ready too. Yesterday he came with me to work at Teaching Carolina.

Think he's a tad confused?

But there's lots to play with Pup!

And here's my newest vintage Doll cover find. My #1 collecting obsession lately. I can't get enough!

That's all for now, I'll share some Easter past photos and maybe some day at the beach shots later. <3