30 June 2009

Announcing: Christmas in July! Yay!!

Starting Wednesday, July 1, Christmas will return to Shop 66!! Yay! All month I will add fantastic vintage Christmas surprises! Lots and lots of elves and pixies and other Christmas cuteness. Yay!!

29 June 2009

From Long Ago... Kitschy Fruits & Veggies

I've been super busy today so here's a little show and tell - kitschy fruits and veggies images for magnets I made for an art fair in 1995. Funny!

28 June 2009

Making Faces

After tucking my ferrets in last night, I starting working on my dream project - my own personal wood/kokeshi dolls. Above are my first few practice faces - pen on cheap destash wood peg heads. Practice only -- the spacing and proportions are key to cute -- until I paint actual wood doll heads/bodies I've ordered. The first few will naturally be for myself and gifts. But if somehow they end up with exceptional cuteness, maybe I'll actually make a few for Shop 66. For now this is just fun!

27 June 2009

Melancholy Summer Days = Hiding Out in the Doll Room

Summer brings on melancholy days for me (still). It tends to make me long for the days when my family was whole and happy. As time goes on and new memories are created, it will slowly fade away, but for now they're still around and so I cope any way I can. My Doll Room helps many days and so I spend more time in there. I'm also hoping it helps aide me in revisiting drawing and painting. I've put it off far to long. Though my head is filled with ideas and visions, the process is yet to come out. For me the hardest part. (Guess it's time to use old tricks.) In the meantime, expect my Shop Blog to chronicle my ups and downs throughout the summer.

25 June 2009

Strange Day(s)

The past few days have been strange, to say the least... first my State's Governor, admitted to disappearing on a trip to see his secret love, then today, Farrah passed away after a long battle with cancer, and finally, Michael Jackson died suddenly! Crazy news day. In the midst of this, I've been working hard on cleaning up the doll room, ferret/art room, and my work space - it needs a good summer time fresh start. But I'm very tired and fatigued, it's hot and humid and everyone around me is grouchy and cranky (ie. my ferrets). Why do I even bring up this up? Because I posted some fabulous things on flickr earlier today (like that cute bear above), and they are yet to arrive in the Shop. So sorry. I promise you will see them tomorrow, along with some other fun things. In the meantime, I'm watching some great Fellini movies on TCM (ie. Juliet of the Spirits), curled up with my favorite blanket and some coffee ice cream. (Tomorrow is another day!)

24 June 2009

Trapped in the Doll Room...

I desperately needed to step back into my Doll Room and reorganize, straighten-up, put-away, sort through, dust and clean, etc! And then share some photos (and maybe some finds in Shop 66). Sooooooooo this afternoon I've shut myself in. You see, I now treat this room like a mini museum and the door is shut most of the time so ferrets do not find their way in, therefore I sometimes just pile things in there and re-shut the door.

22 June 2009

Introducing: New Paper Doll Set

Here is a Sneak Peek of the newest (limited edition) paper doll set! She still needs a name and a few adjustments but she and her wardrobe will be available in the Shop tomorrow night.

21 June 2009

And the prize Winners are...

Prize #1 - Kokeshi Doll Vase:
Carm !!

Prize #2 - Kitschy Animal Magnets II:
Mitzi !!
Prize #3 - Blue Squirrel Plastic Pin:
Superminx !!

(If you're a winner, I will contact you soon to get or verify your shipping address.)

Animal Stickers!!

Introducing my new 1" animal circle stickers! 56 in each pack (14 different animal images x 4). Available now!

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day
to all the amazing Dad's out there!! Have a super day!!

17 June 2009

And more new items!

Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
I've been stuffing Shop 66 with lots of vintage goodies all week! (And will continue each day until I wear myself out.) Look for some new Shop 66 handmade things to arrive soon (I might even make some glass pose doll rings).

(Little Miss Pink Romper is available in the Shop now.)

AND make sure you leave your comments to be part of the Shop 66 prizes/give away (See June 16 below.)

20 Year Anniversary

Today, 20 years ago, June 17, 1989, I married my husband, Don. And though it's been almost five years since he left this life, this day is still our 20th anniversary and it really means a whole lot to me. Happy Anniversary!!

(below - our wedding invitation art/card; cool Don)

16 June 2009

(First Ever) Shop 66 Blog Give Away Prizes!!

It's time for me to have my first ever Shop 66 give away prizes!! (See prizes below - three chances to win!!) I will do a random draw from names entered in "comments" below. I will draw and announce the winners this Sunday, 6/21; 10:00 pm EST.

Prize #1 Vintage Kokeshi Doll (Tiki-like) Vase

Prize #2 Kitschy Animals II - Magnets Set

Prize #3 Squeaky Blue Squirrel Plastic Pin/Brooch

(Contact me if you have any questions!!)

15 June 2009

Gnomes Only!

Because I'm sensitive to some people's fear of leprechauns, I've created a smaller pack of "Just Gnomes" handcut stickers! Find them in the Shop now.

13 June 2009

Sneak Peek: Birdies and Stuff!

Here's just a sneak peek at the planned Shop additions. Look for these items (and more) late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow! (and Happy Weekend!!)

12 June 2009

Dolly Show and Tell

Polly is Today's Doll of the Day! (I actually had some time and sunshine to take a photo today.) Polly was my very ever first "big head" pose doll. She's very dear to me.

Below are my three pin cushion / sewing dolls. They each sit on a shoe that has a tape measure inside. They each have their original pins. Each one found in a different places.

In the Shop

In the Shop now - Shop 66 personalized "Moleskine" journals.

11 June 2009

Sneak Peek: Cute Little Journals

Tomorrow these cute OOAK little journals will be available in the Shop. Each journal has a special edition printed "pabric" adhesive sticker. 10x brighter than a paper sticker and super soft fabric texture.

Vintage "Fun Farm" Red Velvet Puppy

I'm always running into Dream Pets, Dream Pets, Dream Pets.... so when I finally find a rare "Fun Farm" pet, I feel like I've won the lottery! Here's my newest find - a red velvet puppy dog. Isn't he adorable?

09 June 2009

The Banana Eaters

Three out of five ferrets recommend a sweet banana treat! (That's Gretel - top, white ferret; Meiko - bottom left; Milo - middle right. Hansel and Jenny - not interested.)

1-1/2" Pose Doll Circle Stickers

Available later today! A new edition of Pose Doll Circle Stickers - 1-1/5" size; pack of 30.