30 April 2009

And the reimaging continues...

I'm actually enjoying reshooting all my shop photos. It's still a learning process but I'm slowly adjusting. Here's just a few things I reshot yesterday AND again, ALL available in Shop 66! Yay!

29 April 2009

I love wood dolls!!

I adore wood dolls!! Here's a selection of super cute dolls ALL in SHOP 66!!

New Puppet Storybook Style Found!

In today's mail was my newest addition to my puppet storybook collection(and a new style) "The Silly Zoo". Created in 1971 by Froebel-Kan, pictures by Keiko Osonoe, printed and bound in Japan. Published by Renwal Products. Super kitsch-tastic!

(See my other puppet storybooks here.)

28 April 2009

Update...from the Couch

Not much to share because I have fever from a kidney infection. (It's my bi-annual kidney stone time.) Today I'm bed and couch confined but yesterday I felt super fantastic and accomplished a lot - that's sort of how it works when my kidneys are unhappy. However, it's a perfect time for me to handcut stickers!!

27 April 2009

Chenille Bead Dolly Characters

Tonight I'm sharing with you one of my containers/trays of vintage chenille bead dolls. They're all kind of kooky and the majority of these dolls are handmade. Many were placeholders, cupcake toppers or tree decorations. All very unique.

Tomorrow is my big shipping and organization day so I'll be back to share more of my collection late Monday or Tuesday.

25 April 2009

3 Columns! Yay!

I did some tinkering last night and finally upgraded to 3-columns. I think it only took about 10 minutes. Yay!

24 April 2009

My Favorite Cute Appliques

Tonight, I share with you my favorite appliques from my personal collection. Enjoy!

See more @ my Cute Applique set on flickr!

23 April 2009

New Items in the Shop.... with a different look....

Look for new items in Shop 66 now (and later)... you will also notice some site changes... a new banner (above) and a new photo style (colorblock backgrounds are retiring) seen in the photos below. Enjoy!

Happy Sunshiney Day

"Boudoir Pets" Dollies
Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
I love the sunshine! But it's feels HOT here today -- it's super dry for South Carolina. Matter of fact, it's so dry, Mrytle Beach (4 hours north of here) had dramatic, scary wildfires this morning.

Right now, I'm in the process of selecting, organizing and taking photos of the new items that will be added to the shop this afternoon! Yay! Visit Shop 66 later in the day for new goodies!!