28 February 2009

The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects
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From left to right; Lucky Mister 7; Mr. Heads n' Threads; Funco Cowboy; Jack (with his pail to fetch some water); and, Hobo Guitarman.

Enjoy your Saturday! I'm playing in the Doll Room this afternoon...

26 February 2009

Doll Room Party!

It's a Doll Room party! Welcome new found dolls and plush! AND welcome fresh out of storage dolls and plush...many of these poor babies needed some fresh air (and to join their buddies in the doll room).

If you couldn't tell already - I collect more than just dolls, I collect vintage plush (and lots of other things...). I'm equally as crazy for it. I especially love cute, quirky looking animals. Naturally, I prefer animals designed and made in Japan from 1960's - they're are the best - but I also have lots of other vintage plush - some handmade, some mechanical and some new (like my treasured Steiff).

I seems like I always find vintage plush in groups or families. I find them on ebay, at thrift stores and junk shops, church rummage sales, garage sales and some times friends and family just give them to me. Of course, all my extras can be found in Shop 66. If I kept every cute plush animal or doll I find, my doll room space would be gone.

24 February 2009

I'm not counting anymore...seriously.

Being the youngest kid in my family and usually the youngest of my circle of friends, I always wanted to be older. I loved having a birthday because it was cool to be a year older. Now, after all these years I'm finally over it. (It only took decades.) So I'm done with it. I'm officially not counting the years anymore.

Why count anyway? Because I'm really many ages -- parts of me are still super young and naive and other parts of me, due to lots of life experiences, are way, way older and smarter. So this day, my birthday, is now about reflection -- and satisfaction -- because I'm still me, not a number, after all these years.

21 February 2009

Scout in the Woods

Today, I briefly visited the woods behind our house - I saw lots of green spouts and buds. Slowly winter is ending and Spring is appearing. I'm forced to start early with Spring cleaning today by vacuuming up all the fine delicate ferret fur all over the house. Now all five of my ferrets are having their Spring coat changes. I can't wait until my nose stops twitching and my eyes stop watering.

19 February 2009

Update from my Desk Top

My desk is covered with nonsense because I now work on a big table in another room - it's covered with Tammy, vintage fabric, chenille bunnies and other Easter things, a Rune panda and other bears, a unique blue jewelry box, and other cluttery cute stuff. A few minutes ago I started shooting some of the photos of things that will be added to the Shop tomorrow (Friday) . Look for these new arrivals to start showing up in the Shop early afternoon Friday and all throughout the weekend! See you later!

18 February 2009

Shop Update...Soon

I'm taking a needed rest today and will jump back into Shop 66 activities either very late tonight or early tomorrow. Below are the items I collected to add to the Shop.

Lots of dolls...and some Easter things.

Show & Tell: Like a Pose Doll

Many of the dolls in my collection are "Like a Pose Doll" - like the wood doll above and the "Peepul Pals" below. The doll above might have been inspired by a pose doll and the poseable Peepul Pals below are similar to the cute pixie mascots or Dakin Dream doll ornaments made in Japan during the mid/late 1960's.

16 February 2009

Cute Animal Buttons

Available soon for a limited time in Shop 66! Animals are from my favorite vintage Japan fabric.

15 February 2009

Costume Cuties

By accident (and surprise) I acquired my first vintage "Costume" style bendy pose doll when I first started collecting - the little monkey (doll on the right) was won in an Ebay lot. I instantly fell in love with him. The "hat" of each "jammie" costume is hoodie style with tiny snaps. Their little jammies are super soft velveteen with felt embellishment - very huggable. Christmas '07 I found a costumed Santa doll and then last Spring I won a pair of bunnies on Ebay (I had to fight for them too). I'm yet to find other styles but I'm sure they're are more. I'm hoping for a cat or bear!!

14 February 2009

Lots of New Things in the Shop!

Cute Little Animals

I love my little vintage chenille animals. Many of these cuties came to me as a family - all found in a lot on ebay. Others are old store vintage stock Ara animals from Austria I bought one by one. And others are just little lost and founds.

For You

13 February 2009

Peek at some of the Shop Additions

Doll Room Refreshed

It was overdue - to refresh/renew/reorganize the doll room (aka Shop 66 office) and not having the internet for days helped give me the time to do it. Here's a few shots of my the doll room last night - almost finished. Can you find the red heart balloon?

12 February 2009

Same Old Internet Interruptions...

going on. This week has been technologically challenging. I can view sites and upload a photo or send an update to Twitter because its a quick update/upload. However, emails and shop additions are another story... I keep get interrupted due to the static. I'm told (from a friend that works for the service provider) they'll be finished tomorrow. So, shop additions will be uploaded as soon as I can work normally. Check here or my Twitter for status tomorrow.... now lets see if I can post this!

Heidi and her little friend, Nibble

Both are vintage. Cloth doll is handmade, origin unknow; chenille bunny is from Austria

cause Sam's so awesome....

I snatched this screen shot of this flyer Sam (my daughter) made. Here's a link to the animated one on myspace: sam's flyer. (Hoping she sends me the .gif...)

11 February 2009

Catch Up Fun

Back online! Yay! So I have lots of things to share - like the daffodils blooming in my yard.

I have a clean work table now because I lost something and could not find it. I still can't find it but it's sure satisfying to see the top of this table again. (It's been covered for months.)

Below is craft stuff and other stuff. Lots of ferret themed things...my work room is also shared with my five ferrets.
My doll head stash... the small ones. I have a few other containers with doll heads. It's an addiction.

Here is a freshly sprung out of it's original packaging "Gee Whiz" doll! She has a kissy face. She's so fun and bendy.
Oops! A gust of wind... she fell!! I had to take a shot.
And to wrap up this blog entry... pixies in the garden! Wishing it stays warm a little longer!

10 February 2009

When cable is down.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

For the past two days I've been on and off line due to cable outage and repairs. Super frustrating. It's either suddenly and fickle - so I lose what I'm working on. Or I step away, come back and it's down for 4 or 5 hours! It's the whole system. I can't even watch the news (and I'm a news junkie). We're told it will be fixed soon. lol.

Anyway, if you do not hear from me or wonder what's up? I've either not seen your message yet or I'm trying to reply. I'm now typing my replies/entries in Word before I attempt to waste my time and then lose what I've wrote.

I just can't function without technology.

08 February 2009

New Pose Doll Badges/Buttons

Here is my newest set of Pose Doll pinback buttons/badges! TSet of six 1-1/4" diameter size. They will be available in the Shop later this evening along with a few other things. Happy Sunday!

07 February 2009

04 February 2009

Holding off on tonight's additions...

Lucille Close-up
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I've got to finish shipping plus I need a few days to catch up on things I'm behind on. (All those stickers and magnets...what was I thinking?!?). I'll start all over with lots and lots of additions very soon!

Tomorrow I have a nice long update on me. Kind of a present day little 16 things story. In the meantime, enjoy the daily Doll of the Day photos!

02 February 2009

Now "Shop 66 World" on Facebook

I'm personally not really an internet, myspace or facebook socialite but I do socialize as Shop 66 (because Shop 66 is really my aka). Tonight I created "Shop 66 World" on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, please join the group!

Primative meets Modern.

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Today's Doll of the Day is "ila" the Island girl. Ila is a tiny little baby pose doll I found recently in a doll lot. She came with the cute vintage Japan modern style chair she's sitting on.

Ila fits in the palm of my hand and is poseable. She is a little prize and my favorite kind of doll find - unusual and in good condition.