31 August 2009

Now on Indiepublic!

I've just been accepted as a member of Indiepublic!* Find me here: Gretchen Moss (as you can see I'm still setting up my page).

*Per their site: "Indiepublic is an independent art and design community. If you're an artist, designer, retailer, blogger, or just someone who gets giddy when they buy indie, we've saved a seat for you!"

The Shop Cabinet

If I've made it to this point - reorganizing the Shop 66 cabinet shelves - that means I'm very, very close at 100% organization! Hooray! For me and for all my Shop fans. (Means I'm ready to start adding and adding new items and concentrating on creating new things.)

Monday, Monday

Have to make this short today. Lots to do plus I woke up with an extreme case of the Mondays. Partly due to it being the last day of the month and it being slighly overcast. Reflecting back on it though, August was a super long emotional month for me - I'm so happy it's over. Hooray for September!!

Inventory is a day away from being finished. Above are some of the (labeled) containers. This project is exhausting. Can't wait for it to be over.

New items will appear throughout the week including new paper dolls, stickers and lots of vintage. Happy Monday!?!

29 August 2009

Show & Tell: The Dog Walker Dolly

Today I share with you a special kind of vintage Japan pose doll, the "Dog Walker". A classic style that is a favorite of pose doll collectors. Each dog walker pose doll features a cute little puppy dog companion, with chain leash, ready for a walk. Dog Walker dolls come in all sorts of styles and have been around a long time. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds - most are chenille. And sometimes they are not dogs at all but other animals like cats and bunnies.

A Classic Dog Walker. The most common style.

A Sweetheart Dog Walker.

A "Leslie & Fifi" Dog Walker. Below is the box cover with fantastic graphics.

Another "Leslie & Fifi" Dog Walker.

A whimsical big eye/big head style Dog Walker doll. Her dog has big ears or could be a bunny rabbit.

A premium, upscale Dog Walker. All details are an upgrade from a classic style pose doll dog walker. Note her real fur dog.

A Handmade Dog Walker by The Poppy Tree.

As mentioned before, dog walkers have been around for a while. Here is a 1955 catalog I have in my collection that has several dog walker style dolls inside.

Here is the shelf I keep some of my dog walkers.

And last, here is Rosie, one of my favorite dolls in my collection. Not only is she a fantastic rare style, she's also a unique dog walker - her puppy dog is in her arms!

See more Dog Walker Pose Dolls at my NEW Flickr Group:
Let's Walk the Dog, Dolly!

Pretty Pretties: Favorite Jewelry

Today I share with you my "pretty pretties" or favorite jewelry. Above is my drawer of all vintage brooches. Includes owls, birds, butterflies, flowers, a cuckoo clock, wood cat, poodle, and fawn. There's also a puffer fish and little chenille/pipe cleaner man on a swing. I love them all.

Here is a vintage puffy and chunky pewter owl pendant.

Next to the owl is a very cool wood and metal vintage Danish modern necklace. The arty bracelet cuff has to be my favorite thing here. Handmade by an artist (and school teacher) from West Virginia; I purchased an art fair two years ago.

This charm necklace was designed by a local antique dealer. She loves to create necklaces with all the charms she finds while hunting for things for her shop. I wear it all the time.

And here's just a quick snapshot of my bedroom vanity table. If you look carefully you can see an antique Tansu chest in the mirror and my boyfriend's side of the room that's a little messy. :)

28 August 2009

Creative Spaces Interview on Handmade News!

Hello dear Shop 66 friends! Exciting news (and my little secret the past week) read my Creative Spaces interview on Handmade News: Kitschy Fun with Shop 66 by Mimi Guethe. For those of you here for the first time, see more of my space here:

The Studio + Work + Ferret Room

The Doll Room
Visit Shop 66 here: Shop 66 on Etsy
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and visit all my links (seen in both columns of my blog). Enjoy!

Vintage Patterns = Fabulous Fashion & Illustration

In the spirit of "Project Runway" (and Mad Men) I'm sharing with you today some of my favorite vintage patterns.

27 August 2009

Rain, rain please go away!

Today it rained and rained and rained! I hope when I wake up tomorrow the sun has returned.
(Doll above is a "Susie Slicker" version of a little Susie Sad Eyes doll.)

Shackman Sleepy Baby

Today I share with you my vintage Shackman "Sleepy Baby". Shackman made all sorts of fabulous stockinette dolls but this is by far my favorite. Sleepy Baby's box reads "A new concept in dolls. A real cuddly sleepy head for the first time. A delight to play with." Copyright Shackman 1957, New York, NY. No 3546, Made in Japan.

Find your own on Ebay: Shackman Doll

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