31 January 2009

New Sticker Packs!

Here are two new editions of Shop 66 sticker packs: 1) Kiddy Toys 20-pack - 4 x five different toy images with kitschy wrapping paper backgrounds; and 2) Doll of the Day 30-pack - featuring 30 different Doll of the Day photos. Each sticker is 1-1/5" by 1" size. It's like having an album of mini prints! Both will debut tomorrow (or sooner).


Though the rest of the Shop 66 family is still sick, I've 90% recovered from our stomach/cold bug, virus thing! Yay! Naturally, sleep and fluids are the only way to get over it so I feel like 48 hours disappeared. Poof.

Anyway, I'm almost back in the swing of things. I'm back to shipping, organizing new items and creating for Shop 66. Look for new items in the Shop later tonight and tomorrow. (Including some new sticker sets!)

30 January 2009

Can't beat a dead horse.

It's official... we all have some sort of stomach bug/virus here in Shop 66 land today! Thought it was allergies but now we are all sick (including George and the ferrets). Shipping is on hold today which will cause a delay with some orders. I do not want to send any germs to my Shop 66 friends. However, there will be a post office run tomorrow morning with items already to ship. Now I need a little nap...

29 January 2009

Behind with blogging...

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Shop 66 was super busy the past week. When I get on a roll and add things each night, the shop gets BUSY! So I've been quite in my blogging. However, I've kept up with my Doll of the Day duties and flickr photo sharing so you know I'm still around.

I have lots of shop additions I'm currently in the process of taking photos of. However, I'm only half done. I'm hoping to add tonight but I'm super ill today - not sure if it's a cold/stomach virus or just winter allergies. I'm swaying more to the allergies... there's little sprouts all over our yard, green dust over everything and a daffodil bloomed in the front yard yesterday. My immune system is working extra hard dealing with my sensitivity to plant life.

Visit the shop later to see if I've added anything. There's quite a few goodies!

26 January 2009


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Today's Doll of the Day is Margot. She needed her moment. She spends her days housed in a glass cabinet with other ballerina and dancer pose dolls. She was just waiting to be discovered.

(Prints and/or other items featuring Margot will be available in Shop 66 later in the week.)

25 January 2009

Introducing: Gnomes & Leprechauns!!

Here is my newest edition of my Kitsch-tastic collection: Gnomes & Leprechauns! So far I've created the magnets set - available in the shop now. Stickers will arrive later in the week. :)

Recent Shop Additions

Here's just a some of the many things that were added this past week. Please check the "sold" items section if you can not find something in this photos. Many items are already snatched up.

23 January 2009

Bye Bye Squirrel

Bye Bye Squirrel
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After a month of terror -- squirrels (and some rats) wanting to claw their way through my attic into our kitchen and dining room -- they're gone!!! You see, it's exceptionally cold here this year so they were just looking for a warm place to sleep.

A local (professional) "Critter" guy spent two weeks trapping all the attic creatures (and yes, all the captured critters were released into the wild). At the same time, he completey critter proofed our roof from future invasions.

Now there are no more rodents playng and chewing on my roof and attic keeping me (and my ferrets) up all night wondering if this is night they'll make it in.

Shop Pets

Thought I'd share this little image I created this evening for the background of the Shop 66 myspace page. Shop 66 pets always make me smile (even after cutting hundreds and hundreds of their images for my sticker packs).

22 January 2009

Clowning Around

Clowning Around
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The pair of clowns I received in today's mail took me completely by surprise. They are way cuter in person. Their online photo on ebay was terrible. I was expecting them to be dusty, tattered and not that special. But these cuties are clean, fresh and bright - and super cute!

I couldn't resist taking a photo of them right away. They totally made my day!

21 January 2009

Cleaning House!

I am working very hard on downsizing my doll collection (due to the possibility of moving...but that's another story). You can now watch for doll additions to Shop 66 on a regular basis once again. Many items I would have never dreamed of parting with months ago will now become available.

I'm also finding out as I take my daily Doll of the Day photo that I'm not as in love with some of my dolls as previously thought. If I start taking shots and I'm not loving the doll, I feel I should give her up. Today's Doll of the Day, Valerie - above and one of my keepers - was shot after two other dolls I just fell out of love with. They will now be available in my shop this evening. :)

I've got to make this short. I have lots of things to do... I'm back to putting 8 to 10+ hours a day into Shop 66 once again. It literally has been a struggle for months and months trying to put in the work with ongoing illness. However, about a week ago I discovered the medication I was taking is the root of my current problems. I ran out of my prescription and delayed refilling it. I felt so much better the first few days I decided to try an experiment to see how I feel without it. I now feel normal. Pain and fatigue free. I really feel like a totally different person - the old person I know. I hope it lasts!! I think it will.

Shop additions will debut about 11:30 pm EST tonight!

20 January 2009


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"On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord."

President Obama

19 January 2009

MORE items tonight!

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Tonight I'm adding more items... including dolls!!!

Look for them to arrive about 11:30 pm (EST). Any items that do not make into the Shop tonight will arrive throughout the day tomorrow.


18 January 2009

Little Miss Muffet Moppet

Miss Muffet
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and more items are being added this evening!!

Visit my flickr to see a preview of some items or visit Shop 66.

17 January 2009

New Items in the Shop

Kitschy Egg Cup Couple
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I've added a few things in the shop overnight and this morning. Watch as more will be added throughout today and tomorrow.

See you later!

16 January 2009

Sally at the Beach

Sally at the Beach
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Well, as close to the beach as we could get. It was way too cold. Fortunately, the wind chill was not hitting our room balcony so I could take this shot.

We're home now. It was a nice little road trip but I'm happy to be back.

I'll add new items to the shop this evening!

15 January 2009

Myrtle Beach

We're Off to Take a Road Trip

A quick 24 hour trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area (4 hours north). My boyfriend, George, has a very, very, very important job interview today. So I'm going with him for support. See you later, as I plan to have some camera fun and do a little work tonight! xoxo g.

14 January 2009

Two Limited Edition ACEO (or Art Trading Cards)

In addition to cards, I'm offering limited edition ACEO's (or Art Trading Cards) in Shop 66 now - featuring Doll of the Day photos. Here are the first two - both Valentine's Day themed. Watch as more will debut each week.

13 January 2009

Evidence... shop additions coming soon. Part 1

I just finished shooting 250+ photos for my "super" shop additions quest. Here's the evidence. Look for new items to start arriving about midnight tonight (EST). Got to go... lots to do!

Rainy Day

Rainy Day
Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
It's a dark and rainy day in sunny South Carolina today. And a perfect day to take photos for a "super" upload of shop addtions. For the next two days I will be adding tons of things to the shop.

See you later! :)

12 January 2009

Manic Monday

I've got this ongoing problem of forgetting to take my (as-needed) allergy medicine - Zyrtec D. I skip a day or two and by the third day I have inflammed sinuses and such. So today is another one of those days that was cut short because I have a splitting headache. So tonight I'm organizing and planning for shop additions tomorrow. See you later - I need some Z's - the sleep kind and the Zyrtec kind. :)

11 January 2009

New Items in the Shop

I'm adding new things to Shop 66 this evening!! Check the shop throughout the night! xoxo

10 January 2009

Cards coming soon...

Cards coming soon...
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and other things to the Shop!!

I thought I'd be ready to add things tonight but I'm not. I'm a few days behind with life stuff and spent the afternoon running important errands (ie. picking up ferret food, people food, art supplies, etc.).

Look for these cards, more valentines items and other things mid-afternoon tomorrow. :) See you soon!!

My Bunny Collection

09 January 2009

A clean desk top...

A clean desk top...
Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
is nice to see. Now I just need to feel as good as this happy little place looks!

Tomorrow is another day. I have lots to do - supplies to replenish, shipping to prepare, miscellaneous to take care of, and stickers to cut. THEN I can add new items to the Shop.

I have additional Valentines things waiting to debut! xoxo

08 January 2009

16 Things About Me

16 Things About Me
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I was "tagged" by the White Rabbit. So here it is... 16 things about me:

1. Once I had a blankie called my “ann-gee blanket” covered with Raggedy Ann and Andy.
2. Once I broke my right wrist roller skating in the early morning when I was 13. Now my right forearm is shorter than my left.
3. Once I had a river eel named Clive. My husband gave him to me as a gift the first week we were married.
4. Once I had a vintage Cadillac hearse “flower car” – people would yell out “Ghostbusters” when we would drive by.
5. Once I had an art studio in the basement of a building that was a former nun’s dormitory.
6. Once I preferred to wear only overalls with patches and appliqué, blue rubber boots and a sailor hat with a mouse on top. I was 4.
7. Once I bought a giant plush Gumby at a thrift store and walked a mile to get it home.
8. Once I wore a pink bunny suit and sang “If I was a Butterfly” and changed the Scene/Act cards in my family’s Christian puppet show company. I was 6.
9. Once I saw Saturn’s rings through the big telescope at Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.
10. Once I found a vintage dress form/mannequin on the side of the road during a storm. Later my husband drove back to get it.
11. Once I got so sick at work, my coworkers called 911. It was my first kidney stone experience (of many).
12. Once I had a giant water monitor lizard (similar to a komodo dragon but legal and not dangerous) named Morrison. She’ now lives in Florida on a reptile ranch.
13. Once I saved my pennies to buy a cuckoo clock. I was 7. I still have the cuckoo clock.
14. Once I bought 100 vintage shoes for $1.00/piece from a famous old costume/dance shop that liquidated its old stock downtown Pasadena.
15. Once I got all my classmates to leave the classroom to boycott our teacher for being too mean and crazy. I was 11.
16. More than once I’ve dreamed something and it came true.


07 January 2009

This Box is Cool

This Box is Cool
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Imagine living with five ferrets in a house like mine - filled with a huge doll collection (in danger of ferret fangs) and Shop 66 inventory, among other things. This is my world.

No matter what, 2x daily my ferrets frolic for an hour or two. Of course, they are banished from the Doll Room and a few other rooms, but they are allowed around my central shipping area - currently my living room. They love boxes.

This is kooky, comical Gretel experiencing a box. Ferrets will smell, touch, and/or taste anything of interest. Anything they can get into they will. Gretel had to be rescued several times as a kit due to her experiencing things (ie. a plastic jug).

I'm taking the evening off. Today I'm not feeling 100% well so I'm resting so I can get back to work tomorrow. See you later!! xoxo

Little Kimono Dollies

06 January 2009

Kewpie and Dot

I love my new vintage plush cat, Dot. Born in 1966. A perfect new addition to my doll collection!

Good Morning Milo

and all my other ferrets. This is how my day is started...waking up with ferrets.

05 January 2009

My Holiday Doll Cabinet

My Holiday Doll Cabinet
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Finally, I have a curio cabinet for all my vintage Holiday dolls, pixies, elves, dream pets, etc... So far it only has Christmas and Valentine's Day. Hopefully, I can fit Easter and others.

I acquired it (almost a year ago) at a church charity silent auction. It's been in my garage forever. It needs some minor repair but overall it's in very good condition.

Can't wait to finish loading up. In the coming weeks I'll take a photo once it's done. (I've got to pull out St. Patty's Day and Easter very soon.)


Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
My Gund "Flexie Cupid" finally got to see the light today. The poor dolly has been stored away for nearly year waiting for this time of year.

Today's Doll of the Day! If I have the time to gather supplies and such I will offer Valentine's Day cards with this image in Shop 66.

CPSIA Ban: Includes Used/Vintage Dolls and Toys

This morning I received this email from Cecelia of Craftsbury Kids (Above is just one item I purchased from her store that would be ban if the CPSIA Ban on toys goes into effect.)

Please read this important letter and pass it on to anyone and everyone you can think of, including your friends, customers, co-workers, bloggers etc.

Our plea to amend the CPSIA so that hand-crafters and small businesses can survive, has made it through to the final round of voting on change.org. Please take a moment to vote now and bring this important issue to President-Elect Obama on Inauguration Day.

Dear Customers, Artists, & Friends,

Much has been accomplished since I was last in touch regarding the CPSIA. Thousands of small businesses and citizens have banded together to fight the pending demise of handmade children's goods- the CPSIA facebook page I created less than a month ago, now has close to 6,000 members, and is gaining steadily every day. Our cause has been covered by dozens in the media-featured in at least 9 news articles in the past week alone. And we made it through to the final round of voting on change.org. This is all testament to the incredible power of ordinary citizens when faced with dire circumstances.

We may never fully know how this crazy law was allowed to pass, but one thing is for certain:

Our liberty and right to self-sustainability is not something we are willing to handover in exchange for shallow and superficial promises of child safety. This law will not make children safer, but it WILL force thousands of United States businesses to shut their doors if passed as is, on February 10, 2009. Among other things, the CPSIA will forbid the sale of used children's books, clothing and toys; in a few short weeks these items will be considered contraband. Disturbingly, some used children's stores say they plan to go out of business. I have also heard from some crafters who have already ceased production or plan to shortly. We can not let American small business disappear.

If you are considering shutting your doors, please reconsider. On difficult days, I myself have questioned whether my company will be able to survive this, but when I think about all that is at stake -our children most important of all- I am reminded that giving up is not an option. Please join me in continuing the fight to maintain our freedom to make and sell beautiful-and safe-goods for children in the United States of America. Together, we CAN and we WILL win!

Cecilia Leibovitz
Craftsbury Kids.com
handmade for childhood
ceci (AT) craftsburykids.com

Please pass this letter on to anyone and everyone you can think of, including your friends, customers, co-workers, bloggers etc. Our plea to amend the CPSIA so that hand-crafters and small businesses can survive,has made it through to the final round of voting on change.org. Please take a moment to vote now and bring this important issue to President-Elect Obama on Inauguration Day.

04 January 2009

Sunday Funday!! Once again...

Here what I've been up to this afternoon - finishing the Valentine's Day Edition of my Kitsch-tastic Handcut Stickers. Look for them in Shop 66 later today or tomorrow. :)

03 January 2009

Yummy Kitty, Cherry Blossoms and Sharing

Trying to spread some happiness and sunshine today, dear Shop 66 friends... just my way of getting out of the "blahs" mood (a typical post Holiday thing for me)!

02 January 2009

The Blahs!!!

That's what I have. Could be allergies. Could be post Holiday exhaustion. But I was on a good creative, functional roll until this morning... now I just want to hide in my comfy bed and do nothing but watch movies. Maybe it's the cloudy, cold South Carolina day? I don't know but I do know I'm logging off this evening and resting!! Shop 66 additions will have to wait until tomorrow.

Hansel & Gretel