30 June 2008


I'm super hungry these days because my jaw, throat and teeth are still sore and it hurts to eat. I'm dreaming of the day I can eat anything that does not require a spoon or a straw!! I did eat some french fries on Saturday but that's the only thing close to real food I've had in about two weeks !! And it shows -- subconsciously I took some photos an hour ago and they're about eating and SNACKING!

Dollies and Snacks (Felt Creations by ChrisCreatures)

Our backyard twin squirrels have their 11:00 am snacks. My cluttery desk. Note ice cream bowl on lower left.
Noodles!! (Think that will be my dinner tonight.)
Have a nice Monday!! Back to work for me!


29 June 2008

A Little Blog Renovating

I'm sure you've noticed - my blog had a little renovation this evening!
See you tomorrow! Enjoy! :)

Shop 66 Style: Kokeshi Charm!

I adore Kokeshi! And even more - created in plastic and other materials and made into charms for jewelry, keychains and more to wear or display. Here's some of my new found favorites and pieces in my collection:

Kokeshi Earrings by Tarina Tarantino (on my wish list)
Charms by J2aney
Bracelet by Komodokat
Bead Charms (part of my collection; vintage) Bead Dolls (part of my collection; vintage)
Wood Souvenir Doll (part of my collection; vintage)
Keychain dolls (part of my collection; vintage)
Wonderful, wonderful Kokeshi! I can't get enough!

27 June 2008

Friday Afternoon Shopping and Stuff

Yay! I was able to get out more than half of the shipping I was stressed over this afternoon and more of it will go out tomorrow morning. At the same time I created the Shop 66 MySpace page. (So far I have a whole 9 friends.) After I left the post office I did a little shopping.

I found this amazing cute n' scary doll head with braids at my town's Salvation Army thrift store (her eyes open and close!):

I then did some mainstream shopping and found a cute breezy dress and blouse for hot summer days (from Lucky Brand Jeans - wow! they look kinda of huge and blah on the hanger...believe me they are much cuter and flattering on and in person)

When I got home I finally opened my mail -- one of the boxes I was anticipating arrived - a box of cute mini vintage plush animals from Japan! (Several will be available in Shop 66):

Earlier in the day I found these cute Birthday Sunday School pins at Little Vintage Me on Etsy:
Now I'm relaxing a bit before I decide what to work on next. I'm due to add new things to Shop 66 but I still have to finish my surprise items...you'll just have to stop by Shop 66 tomorrow to see what my decision was.

Have a TGIF Friday!! :)

Shop 66 MySpace Page

Yes...Shop 66 now has a MySpace Page! and so far - I'm Shop 66's only friend!!

Little Island Boy!

One of the fun things about being a "Pose" doll collector is seeking out different styles and types of dolls. This little "Island Boy" - as I call him - has been on my wish list for a while. Wonderful Changoblanco, and Shop 66 friend, pointed him out to me on Ebay. Now I need to seek out a little chenille monkey to put in that palm tree!

Doll night had a lot of "so-so" and "as-is" dolls this week. Forgive me! I'm still trying to get caught on things around my office. I can finally see the floor again (it filled up a little by my boyfriend while on vacation - he was protecting things from ferrets). And I'm back working at my desk (and not other places around my house). Next week's doll night will feature lots of "bendy" style pose dolls. I have lots of these wonderful dollies that need adoption and safe keeping from my ferrets. Ferrets dream of sticking their fangs in doll faces and my bendy dollies that do not fit in my cabinets or high places are vulnerable.

Look for new items to start appearing in Shop 66 Friday night! Sweet dreams! :)

25 June 2008

Model Dollies!

See what wonderful inspiration pose dollies are! They also make beautiful models! Talented Missy from Boopsie Daisy Dolls shot these wonderful new photos after receiving here new dollies from Shop 66! Visit her shop to purchase prints of these photos: Boopsie Daisy Dolls. :)

24 June 2008

Help Coming Soon!!

Good News! In a few weeks my daughter, Samantha, will be my Shop 66 partner! Not only am I in dire need of help, I also want to double the inventory in Shop 66 and Shop 66 Jewelry and start working on more handmade items. This has been my secret plan for months -- now it's going to happen.

Now for some sharing - the photos in this post are items I just won on Yahoo Japan (my favorite hobby) a "lot" of cloth dolls and some cute vintage origami paper. I snatched these from the auction URL since I didn't take any new photos today -- it's so unlike me to go a day without using my camera. Very weird.

I also created a new product for Shop 66 this evening - special 1" circle stickers with my favorite vintage girl images. Look for packages of this stickers in Shop 66 this weekend.

Tomorrow night I will finally start uploading some new items! :D

23 June 2008

Shop Schedule!

My dear Shop 66 friends - I'm back to business! And to keep me on track this week I've created a simple schedule. Here's what shop activities I will be up to this week:

Monday: Shipping; organization; treat bags
Tuesday: Shipping; customer requests and special orders
Wednesday: Shop additions
Thursday: Shop additions; doll night
Friday: Shop additions
Saturday: Day off!
Sunday: Surprises!

Contact me if you have any questions. I'm hoping to have Shop 66 back up and running normally by the end of the week! Thanks for all the Shop 66 love the past few weeks while I've had life drama! Take care. :D

22 June 2008

I know what it is...

The reason I've been so sick and why I'm so low is mainly from one thing...grief. You would think four years is a long time to recover from loss of your spouse but it's not -- sometimes it's like it was yesterday. Then there are the moments or events that bring you back to the second you heard the news. I miss my husband -- I long for him. And two weeks ago another important piece of him passed way, his brother. He was also one of my best friends.

I'm sad and speechless and a little unmotivated at times. Yet, other times I'm happy and excited and super creative and ready to work. It's a roller coaster. One I would not wish on anyone. I take one day at time when I feel like this. I have to keep living for them.

I miss you Don Moss!! I miss you Ron Moss!! Life just isn't the same without you.

21 June 2008

Yay! Saturday Night Show & Tell

Dear Shop 66 friends, your well wishes worked! I'm about 99% well now and ready to start working. I've been very, very overwhelmed for days worrying about Shop 66! It's so nice to feel energetic and well again. Look for new items to be added to Shop 66 as soon as tomorrow afternoon!

Here's a bit of show and tell. Above is a photo of my new Boopsie Daisy Dolly I received yesterday. Below are few photos I borrowed from my Mom's albums on my visit (Sorry Mom, they'll be returned very soon) to Colorado. They are all from 1969 to 1971 in California and many were my Grandmother's photos.

Baby Me, my Mom and my sister, Katie.
Sisters: Jenny, Me and Katie
Me (in the little chair) and Jenny
Moms and Kids (I'm on my mom's lap). The lady next to her was her best friend, Barbara, and the boy in the front is her son. The rest of the kids are my sisters and brother.

20 June 2008

Fun Favorites

I was just looking at my flickr favorites and found it amusing. It ranges from vintage twinkies to boxing kangaroos. Above is a screen capture - try this LINK to see them upclose.

Welcome Summer!

Summer is officially here! I got new sandals in the mail today (above)! Though it will be a record hot one, I'm still happy for sunny days and the beach. As soon as I'm well, I'm hoping to spend a few days each week putting my feet in the sand.

My mind is all geared up to start working again - I miss Shop 66 - it's been a week of travel and sickness and I'm starved for normalcy and shop chaos.

Below is a few things that arrived in the mail today. Have a nice Friday night! Take care. :D

19 June 2008

Shopping while mending...

Hello! I'm on the mend (but still groggy from pain pills). I should be back to Shop 66 business tomorrow. Anyway -- I'm bored -- sick of being sick -- so I did a little online browsing and shopping. Here's some of my purchases:

Papercut Print by Elsita!
I've been wanting to do some papercut art myself too. This is one of Elsita's first few papercuts --- they're perfection -- like she's an old master of papercut -- I'm in awe.

Pocket Size Miniature Jokes and Riddles from Olde Frost Farm
I love vintage mini cards - flash cards, playing cards, etc. I just had to have this little mini jokes and riddles set.

Kitschy Salt and Pepper Shakers from Koyani
I just had to purchase this unique kitschy wood salt and pepper set.

I Heart Pocky by ChrisCreatures
Yes!! I heart Pocky!! Who doesn't?

Kokeshi Spool Doll by Wunderkind
Who could resist this cute little spool dolly? She is super cute!

18 June 2008

One thing after another...

I got back home from vacation with extra painful mouth pain. I went to the doctor yesterday thinking I had cracked a tooth but I was mistaken - I have a throat and jaw infection - likely related to inflammation complications I have with arthritis. My lymph nodes are so swollen it looks like someone punched me in the jaw - it's black and blue. Fortunately, I started antibiotics and have pain pills so I'm already feeling better.

Shop 66 is on my mind and as soon as I can function it will be back to normal! Doll night will have to be canceled this week. (I'll have to make next week's extra special.) If you are waiting on a package from me and it is not checked "shipped" it is still here. I will be adding special deluxe goodie bags to all orders not shipped. Many will be upgraded to priority shipping. Fortunately, my shop was super slow during my vacation so new orders will not interfere with shipping any older orders.

Check back later tonight or tomorrow on my progress. :D

17 June 2008

The Rest of My Trip and Stuff

I need to get caught up on my blogging. I'm feeling so behind with life! I blog every day now and I couldn't for a couple and now I'm so distressed!! Shop 66 feels so neglected. Anyway, here's a little on my next two days of my Denver trip.

Day Two: The Wedding Day!

We slept in a little to get needed rest to feel good on this important day. My dress not only worked out - it felt right - and it felt good! I was so happy. But even happier was my Mom - she was (is) the happiest I've ever seen her in my whole entire life!!! What can I say - it was the most perfect day and wedding. Nothing could have made it any better.

My daughter was the photographer so I did not take any photos to share. I can't wait to see and share them.

The Newlyweds!

My Brother, Scott.

Day Three: More Denver Places

I lived in Denver for seven years so it was hard to decide where to go - but I knew I wanted to visit Golden and take my brother to Coors (and it's free to visit and you get free beer). We also went to Lookout Mountain (above Golden in the mountains) to catch view of the plains and to see Buffalo Bills grave and museum. And that was just about it... short trip... not a lot of site seeing. Three days was just too short a trip! I'll have to go back to see and do more soon!

Downtown Golden Hops at Coors
Free Samples!
View at Lookout Mountain

16 June 2008


I just got home an hour ago!!! I had an excellent time! My only complaint is the hotel I stayed at had terrible wireless internet service so I could not blog or keep up with my email and Shop 66 stuff!!!! (It was a major, upscale hotel I stayed at so it was shocking!! They'll be getting a letter from me soon.) Anyway, I'll blog a little about my trip tomorrow. I'm sooooooooo super happy to be home!!

Look for new Shop 66 goodies by Wednesday afternoon!!! :D

13 June 2008

Day One Places: Denver Art Museum and Taki's

Our first stop was Taki's - Healthy Japanese Food - restaurant. Here is Samantha (my daughter) and her boyfriend, Jeff, smiling over the delicious food. Shop 66 Pup wanted some tempura.
We then walked to the Denver Art Museum - here it is.
Very cool.
I've always loved this red steel scuplture.
Quiet please!
We saw some crazy, cool stuff.

Here is Samantha taking a photo of the little pup with her new mini Leica camera.

We stopped and made some art in the hands-on area.
I couldn't resist drawing a picture of my little pup!
Tomorrow is my Mom's wedding - stop by Shop 66 blog tomorrow night to see some awesome photos!! Nighty, night! :D