29 April 2013

Soviet Era Toys

Soviet era toys are amazing... I love them all. I've read that aesthetic appearance of the toys were not a priority of Soviet designers but I see more beauty in their primary colors and simplicity (especially love the plastic ones). They also look timeless and modern.
Here are a few examples of why I'm in love with them.

All the above were found on Etsy or Ebay using the search words "Soviet (or Russia) Toy"

Later in the week I'll share some photos of the few Soviet toys in my collection.
I hope you have a great week!

27 April 2013


Remember Shop 66 digital image sheets!! Ha! Well here they are - feel free to upload and use.
(I hope the resolution is ok? If not, I'll reupload on the sidebar soon.)
Now go have fun!!

26 April 2013

Thursday Finds & My Pixie!!

My keepers of my weekly Thursday treasure hunt included a tower of colored twine, a mechanical birdie, and a new cushion for my desk chair.

And, yes, I did get a hair trim today. I'm once again a happy pixie!


24 April 2013

My Style Icon: Jean Seberg

It's time I have a hair trim. It's been almost 6 months! It was sort of an experiment to see how my hair would grow out -- but it's time! I miss my Jean Seberg hair very much. Jean is my style icon.

See how good a Jean pixie looks on me (below)!
I can't wait.

21 April 2013

Happy Sunday

The most peaceful corner of my house (and most uncluttered) is my bed corner - as it should be. The light is calming.
I get transfixed here and I'm actually working from this exact place as I type this. I need to do other things but I do not want to. I think they can all wait a little longer?
Below is a shelf of my 'favorites'... things I did not leave behind / part with and a few additions.
So let's play a game! Can you spot Violet?
Pup 66? A tiny elephant?
A tiny baby pose doll?
A striped tiger?
Happy Sunday

19 April 2013

Finder Keepers

Pasadena / Los Angeles is home to the best thrift shops. I can leave the house with a few $$ and come back with a bag full of goodies. Thursday and Saturday are my typical hunting days. Here are a few of my recent 'finders keepers' (all under $5.00).

Below are some recent additions to my home from Samantha. Gift keepers!

And finally, where do all my finders NOT keepers go? Well, they go to my greatest friend in the whole world -- Debbie Jones -- who is opening up an Etsy shop called "for our house" very soon. (Below is a screen shot preview.)

I am the guest curator, photographer and techy/website builder girl for this shop. The Etsy shop is just the vintage component. The main e-commerce shop will open sometime in May or June.
Here is a picture of me and Debbie at her "Downton Abbey" Valentine's Day party in February (yes, in costume). My weird growing hair looked ok for the era, yes?

18 April 2013

Say Cheese!

My new hair is growing out of control so I snapped this photo. Coincidently, I resemble this cheese face from 365 Faces Project !!

17 April 2013

It's Sad

This is on my little chalkboard. I think it explains how I feel about the events in Boston.
I pray to God that all will be comforted.
I am also trying to smile a little because the good people always outnumber the bad.
Thank you Mr. Rogers for reminding us!


12 April 2013

Simple and Kind

Shop 66 will always remain a part of me. It is the super collector, designer and playful side of me. However, I've transitioned and grown so much the past few years and I've developed a side that is more thoughtful and generous. I've even named it "Simple and Kind". And soon it will be a partner site to Shop 66.
So in the meantime, right now, you can follow me on Simple and Kind pinterest. (Above are some screen shots of a few boards. You'll especially love 'I Spy' - a board of things I find and love.)

For the curious: Here is a photo of my tiny house.

And here I am today working away on many things.
(And just maybe I'll visit my Flickr soon....)