31 July 2008

News from the Doll Room: Friday Night is Doll Night

Hello Shop 66 Doll Night friends! Doll Night will be tomorrow night (August 1, 2008; 10:00 pm EST - check the world clock for when this is - in your time zone). I've been working hard on other Shop organization so I'm slightly behind in organizing Doll Night. All I have to share tonight is the photo above - three adorable Finger Ding Dollies - and below - a crazy clown - all additions to my own doll collection. The last photo are some kitschy cool paddle puppet animals I'll be adding to the shop this weekend.

Have a nice Thursday though it's not Doll Night - but check out some of the new items available in Shop 66! :)

30 July 2008

Introducing: Tiny Doll Stationery Set!

Here it is! I love it! My Shop 66 Tiny Doll Stationery Set! This tiny set comes in a little reusable tin with 10 cards, 10 vellum folding envelopes, 16 mini stickers! Available tonight!! :D

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I'm speechless. :D

29 July 2008

Peaceful Day

I had a nice peaceful day. Though I was going to try and not work, I did anyway, Shop 66 actually calms me. After I got home from errands and the post office (and recovered from the umbrella bite on my finger - ouch!), I created some cute tiny stationery (in the photo above). As soon as I've perfected on the set and packaging, I'll add sets to Shop 66. Look for the listing tomorrow evening.

I've just pulled out the other items I'll be listing! Lots more surprises!

Yes, there is a doll night this week!! I need the room and extra dollars for more Shop 66 goodies! I'll announce the time Thursday morning. :) g.

Four Years

Four years ago today my life changed - I lost my sweet husband, Don, in a fatal construction accident. If you did not know already, Shop 66 fulfills a dream we had together - to have our own vintage/art shop.
I will be taking the day off spending it in reflection and silence. I'll return any emails or Etsy convos tomorrow.
Hear and see more of Don here.
See you tomorrow.

28 July 2008

Beatrix Potter's Birthday!!

Today is one of my favorite all time children's book authors birthdays - Beatrix Potter!! I adore Beatrix Potter. Part of who I am is because I grew up reading her wonderful animal stories. This includes my desire to collect little miniature animals in clothing, create my own little animal stories, and even how I interact with my pets.

Here's some things I found today that celebrate Ms. Potter's Peter Rabbit:

Here are the links to these creations:

Felted Peter Rabbit by LittleElfsToyshop

Peter Cotton Candy Tail by Boopsie Daisy

Peter Rabbit Bracelet by Twisted Trinkets

27 July 2008

Christmas in July Success!!

Hello! Thank you to all that participated in my Christmas in July surprise sale today! If you missed it, there are still a few ornaments left. And the next pre-Christmas ornament/decoration sale will be mid-September.

This will be the last new items I'll list for a few days. Tonight and tomorrow I will focus on shipping and invoices. On Tuesday I will be taking a day off - in memoriam of my husband - it will be the anniversary date of his fatal accident. I prefer to spend the day in reflection and silence.

Please contact me regarding any shipping concerns, invoicing or other matters through my shop. I think the new server changes at Etsy headquarters has solved some of the "convo" problems. (I now can see why it was so urgent and important to do - the data must have been overburdening the system it was on.)

Have a nice Monday!! Take care, g. oxoxo

Christmas in July SURPRISES!!!

Today I will be adding dozens of Christmas in July surprises!! Please check my shop beginning at 7:00 PM EST. Items will be added through July 30th and will remain in Shop 66 until they are sold! :)

25 July 2008

Friday Fun Favorites

Hello! It's time for Friday favorites. Here's just some things I found this week:

So Sweet
by Stoopidgerl

Chenille Teddies
by LindasGoodies

Fat Spider Pincushion
by Lusummers

Swedish Solitaire Game
at Leolucaescobar

That's all my favorites for now. Have a super cool Friday night! oxoxo g.

24 July 2008

News from the Doll Room: No Pose Doll Night but other items to be added!

Hello! I'm not organized and ready for Pose Dollys tonight, however, I'm finishing up some things for the Shop I'll debut in just a little while. Any dolls I'll add tonight will be small dolls and doll related items. Tomorrow I plan to add some shop favorites: wood toys and dolls, ceramic household things like banks and shakers, cute chenille and plush and other items I've not added in a few weeks. The shop is a little over saturated with charms and paper so I going to concentrate on adding other items.

Contact me if you have any questions. PLEASE be aware - my email and shop convos are not getting to me or to you - randomly - something has been wrong for about two weeks with my wireless connection or Comcast internet. So if you do not hear from me - contact me again and let me know you tried. I'm yet to figure out what is wrong. I'm sure it's due to the major storm we had last week and all the power outages we've been experiencing.

(The photos in this blog entry are from a 1955 shop catalog from Japan I found on Yahoo Japan. There's page after page after page of dolls - all for about $1.00!!!! Can you imagine being able to buy a pose dolly for a $1.00!?!)

23 July 2008

Back to Working 100% !!!!!

My dear patient, Shop 66 friends: Good News! I'm back working 100%!!

My terrible pain was all due to arthritis hip/pelvic pain. Here I thought I had something else wrong and it was the same old thing I've had forever. Anyway, I'm on super corti-steroids and other meds for 14 days and feeling better already. I get to experience a fun MRI on Monday to make sure I do not have a stress fracture (from who knows what?) but I'm here to stick around and work on Shop 66 full force once again (knock-on-wood). YAY!!

The dollies above are my newest surprise - a little set of my first shrinky dinky dollies! This first attempt with this new shrinky material was an absolute success and I'm quite pleased. This series/style of dollies will have a total of six or seven dollies and will be available for a limited time - July through August. Then I plan to create another series/style for September - October. The possibilities are endless. I draw my inspiration with shrink plastic from Yaelfran! However, shrink plastic and plastic laminate type art is not new to me - believe it or not, 12 years ago it was my #1 medium of choice and little pieces of my art are all over Denver, Colorado (where I was creating at the time).

Below is my disastrous office for today. Note where my laptop is. The bottom photo is some fun shop inventory overspill. :D

Take care and check Shop 66 this evening for more additions and surprises! :) g.

22 July 2008

Time Off

I'm taking the rest of day and evening off to get some rest. I'll be back in the morning to have a productive Wednesday! I've got lots of shipping, inventory, and other shop responsibilities to take care off. See you tomorrow! :D

21 July 2008

Cure to Stress: Create

I've been using this recommended cure on myself lately. Art has been my best friend through some of the most difficult events of my life. However, when I'm having just regular life stress - the kind we all have every day - I forget to practice this.

I've finally finished a cute acrylic ring for the shop. I've been working days on trying to get the technique right. The material is harder to work with than glass - not forgiving - so I've made one ring so far (lol). I'll make a total of ten of this edition - please contact me if you want me to reserve one for you.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to reveal two other cute rings. (As seen in progress on Flickr) :)

Overwhelming Monday!

I'm super overwhelmed with life and work today! More than a typical manic Monday. Seems to be one of those times when I've got too much on my plate. Wishing I could just scrape off my plate into the garbage disposal...but instead I've carefully put some plastic wrap over it for another day.

Today's mail just arrived and it's a nice break from all the chaos. I received a very nice thank you note from Elaine! Check out Elaine's new shop: TheDollsHaveEyes.

Dear Linda (Linda'sGoodies) sent me extras with the little doll I bought from her!! OXOXOX Thank you Linda! It made my day. I hope your day went ok - I know you have some stressful things going on today also.

I received a sweet package of cuteness from Nikki (Creamrose) - with extra surprises to celebrate her shop's one year anniversary. Thank you!!

And finally, I received some more little dolls for Shop 66. Look for these dolls to arrive at the end of the week.

SHIPPING!! is my nightmare again. I'm yet to get the organization and process down efficiently. My twenty years of corporate experience has not helped when it comes to this task. Hopefully, I'll have an efficient system soon.

Have a nice Monday! :)

20 July 2008

Some Items Added to the Shop

I've added only a few new items to Shop 66 (including the doll heads above). Only a couple more items will be added each day until existing orders are shipped. Below are a few of the other things I added. :)

Sunday Special - 1 Dollar Carnival Dollies

To celebrate receiving another box of carnival dollies, I'm offering them for only $1.00 today (limited to 6 dollies per person; sale ends at midnight EST).

I'm still in the process of photographing all the new items for the shop. Look for new items to start arriving this evening. :D

19 July 2008

Shopping Show and Tell

Here's a few items I found this week:

Fueki Kun - Sticker Flakes in a Cute Container (above)
and Origami Paper Kit- Animals (below)
from From Japan with Love

Kooky Animal Buttons
from Creamrose
Little Red Ring
from Creamrose
Sweet Dizzy Daisy Dolly
from Linda's Goodies
That's all for tonight! See you tomorrow! :)

What are you waiting for?

Hello! Many of you saw some things you like in flickr preview photos -- items I'll be adding to the shop and some handmade items I'm working on -- now you are wondering when they'll be available? It will be very soon. I only need to take photos so look for the new items to start arriving in the shop late tonight and/or tomorrow all day. :)