30 March 2010

Spring Time Treasures

Visit Shop 66 shop for all of the above treasures. Some are in the shop now, already sold, or will be listed late tonight or tomorrow.

28 March 2010

New Project: Shop 66 ABC

Happy Sunday! I'm here to announce my new project "Shop 66 ABC!! I've been anticipating it for months; I'm finally ready to dedicate the time. I'll be creating shots for each alphabet letter but might replace/redo shots as I go along so I've decided to share my progress with you. I'm hoping to eventually share my ABC's in booklet form, flashcards, trading cards, etc. Today I started with "A is for Apple" and though it's obvious, I'm still pleased with my choice. Today's shots (below) were all trial shots. When my yard gets greener and the sunlight is just right, I'll reshoot. Enjoy!

17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, a little late, but I've been busy. I've been working long hours and not had much "play" time. Next week things should settle down. Above is 2009's St. Patrick's Day backyard doll party. I really could not top it so I've decided to "revisit" it.

Here's some kooky chenille leprechaun men I made a few days ago. Next week I'm hoping to make some Shop 66 animal/bunny men. (Crossing my fingers!)

These cute wood dollies and the sweet vintage journal below are my recent finds on YJA. Love!

I promise to be around much more very soon! xoxo g.

11 March 2010

Bunny Pops!

Here's a little mid-week cheer... bunny pops!! It's that time of year to find super adorable Easter candy. I couldn't help myself and grabbed several treats at the drugstore last night. (I've already ate the boy bunny pop.)

View from the Doll Room floor...
as I archive/store my new vintage Pictures Transfers.
Here's my newest addition. (Won last night on YJA - via Rinkya)

and finally, Milo, my little buddy!

09 March 2010

All the Way from the UK!!

Thank you Elaine!! I bought these super cute vintage Transfer Pictures from Kitsch and Curious shop last week and they arrived in today's mail (lots of extras too). The Dolls sheet and the Circus sheet are my favorites. You can find more sheets and other kitschy vintage treasures there now.

My Present to Me

This is my special birthday present to myself. A vintage Japan records set (circa 1960) featuring doll/puppet photo art on each record sleeve/cover. A fantastic treasure!!
(Found/won on YJA via Rinkya)

04 March 2010

The "Other" Place: Teaching Carolina

Were have I been lately? What and who is taking up my time? It's "Teaching Carolina." A local shop I'm now helping out. The fabulous owner, Lesley, returned to teaching full-time in September but is still invested in her shop and needs my help! It specializes in educational products, teaching supplies, toys and school uniforms. (Yes! T O Y S!!) That's were I am. Helping another shop become amazing!! Here's some photos...

Shop 66 is not being neglected. I'm actually becoming more organized with Shop 66 products and shipping is now only a 2 or 3 day turn around. The energy I'm getting from being out and about and meeting new people - teachers, parents and children - is fantastic. Very soon I will start adding vintage items to Shop 66. Lots of Spring/Easter things!

BTW... Teaching Carolina needs more Facebook Fans and Twitter followers:
Teaching Carolina Facebook
Teaching Carolina Twitter
(I'm the caretaker and poster of both so if can't find me here...)

01 March 2010

Merry March!

Hello Shop Friends! Merry March!! I'm think my routine is finally fitting all together. I hope to be here more often soon. I did fit in two Doll of the Day photo shoots this past week. Above is cutie pie doll "Dottie" and below is "Blossom" (both are not new just overlooked in my doll room).

I captured this (almost) full moon a few days ago. I love the moon!!

I took this shot of my vanity to show my Mom where the birthday day gifts she sent me reside. Lots of treasures there.

And here are the fantastic gifts my Mom sent me. Both from the Smithsonian. Love them!!!