31 October 2007

Treasure Hunting

I finally made it to Detroit! What a beautiful fall drive - very long but totally worth it. This is a great time of year - the roads were open, the leaves were changing and the weather was perfect. My little zoom-zoom Mazda 3 is a pleasure to drive through the winding West Virginia mountains.

Today I spent almost three hours at my favorite antique mall in Howell, Michigan: Livingston Antique Outlet. I found quite a few treasures and left with a good medium sized box of them: Storybook dolls, Lefton big eyed animals, vintage 1966 yearbooks, early 1950's Snoopy figurines, cool retro owls and other great girl toys.

Tomorrow is another day of visiting and running errands before I head to my excellent storage space! I'll have 2+ days to sift through a huge area filled with boxes to the ceiling. Check back in a few days to see some great photos.

I hope everyone had a cool Halloween!

29 October 2007

Home Sweet Detroit

Yes, I'm on my way to Home Sweet Detroit! For several reasons, but mainly I'm visiting Samantha - my daughter (and clone). Starting Wednesday, we're headed into my amazing storage space full of cool stuff - we are planning to sort through all of it in a couple of days. It will be shipped to South Carolina or stored at Samantha's for later.
Visit my blog daily to see what we're up to or for a peak at things that soon will be available at Shop 66!

28 October 2007

Toy Twins

I'm positive all toy collectors have the same problem - TWINS!! I could just call them duplicates or editions but in my world they are twins. Sometimes, their triplets, quadruplets, etc. Lately, I've noticed how many twins I have and it's cute and crazy at the same time. The photos reveal only a fraction of my twins collection.

(Yes, I have thought off making them all into conjoined twins...)

27 October 2007

I'm Inspirational

Look! I inspired the coolest plushie by my niece, Rachel! I did not know I had these great powers. Every time I purchase an artist's creation, I hope that I'm inspiring them to make and create more but this a true gift straight to the heart. I'm honored. Way to go Rachel!

See my interview about my plushie collection on http://www.plushteam.com/ blog (October 16th). Rachel's plushies will be up in her own little shop sometime very soon!

Gretal's Collection

Gretal, my white albino ferret, is not the only collector in my house. Gretal has a thing for plush. Especially new Japanese plush animals with big eyes. She steals them from me and stores them in the living room under my main display cabinet.
99% of the time I just let her keep the selected new baby. If I take the little one back, it will go right back where she left it. Even her sister and brother ferrets leave her babies where they lie. After all, we understand her obssession with cute plushies!

26 October 2007

Patches from Heaven

In today's mail I received patches from heaven!
Some I'll keep, some I'll share on Shop 66.
My favorite is "Go to the Polls - Vote."

25 October 2007

Are you just saying that?

Yes, I am an artist and designer.
I've been on a very, very long vacation.

So here you are...if you're interested...out of the GMoss archives:
(Circa 1990's)

I was ahead of my time, the above postage size art was made into pins, magnets, earrings, pendants, etc. All with the use of an old school laminator and color copier.

All the work displayed are originals and are available for sale.

23 October 2007

Racoon Love

After receiving a package yesterday with the cutest vintage Japanese racoon christmas ornaments, I quickly loaded them up on my blog to show them off. Three hours later I became inspired - meet their baby (and very cute Ms. Flower).

A framed mini print is available in the shop.
Please email or convo me if you are interested in a copy (or the original).

New to the Studio

Here are some recent additions to my collection:

Christmas Racoons!

Love me Linda x 4

Cute Kitten's with Bonnets