30 May 2009

Doll Sale - Starting Today!! 4:00 PM EST

I'm cleaning out Dolls in my doll room - I need more room!! The first group of dolls up for adoption are above (below I will add photos as I do the cleanout). Visit here or flickr later to see more groups or individual dolls. All dolls will be available for PREVIEW. I will start adding them about 4:00 pm to Shop 66. I will RESERVE if you make arrangements with me. :)

29 May 2009

Show and Tell: book "Dolls of Japan"

Today I share with you a new find "Dolls of Japan" (copyright 1957). A beautiful, large harcover book featuring dolls and doll making. It even includes patterns!!

26 May 2009

Introducing: Kitschy Animals II Magnets Set

Finally!!! Kitschy Animals II! magnets!

Doll of the Day Returns (once again*)

Today I share Miranda! My super tall pose doll-like cloth doll. She's super fanstastic (a long time YJA find). I just love her - she's like super huge vintage Barbie. She was a little forgotten up there high on the doll shelves so she enjoyed today's attention.

*Doll of the Day is back!! ...I gave up on sunshine!?! I miss my daily doll ritual and so I've decided I can take photos indoors until it returns. It's been 10 days of clouds and rain - with the sun peeking out hear and there but by the time I get out there it is gone. (However, I do love the rain but my cloth dollies do not.)

Shop 66 - Artfire Shop

If you have not visited Artfire in awhile, please do... it's growing and improving every day. Shop 66 Artfire shop is loaded with all the same handmade items in the Shop 66 Etsy shop.

25 May 2009

Return to the Shop Blog and Doll of the Day!!

My little "break" is just about over... it's time for me to return to the Shop Blog and Doll of the Day... look for new entries starting tomorrow!!

21 May 2009

A little break...

If you haven't noticed I've been taking a little break the past few days (primarily because I've been a tad ill and super exhausted)...but I'll be back to blogging, Doll of the Day and new Shop things very SOON!! (Maybe as soon as tomorrow!)

18 May 2009

Rain, Rain (please) go away....

Sometimes I think I live in the rain forest!?! Not only do I live on the coast, I live in the humid South and when it rains, it rains and rains and rains. It started with two intense day of scattered thunderstorms and now it's not stopped raining for about 24 hours. We do need the moisture here but I really, really miss sunshine!! :) (Doll of the Day will return once there's light again...)

17 May 2009

In the Shop: 1st Two Paper Doll Sets

Sneak Peek: Handcut Paper Doll Sets

Because I have lots of cute vintage paper dolls in my stationery collection, I've decided to share some of them in the following way: limited edition* handcut sets. This first edition is of an early 1950's "family" of paper dolls. Each family member with their wardrobe will be available for purchase. All handcut and ready for play. Look for the first few dolls to debut tonight (sister and little sister...then brother, mother and father will follow).

* Limited edition in quantity: 12 sets/packs only. This is due to the unknown status of the dolls origin, respect for the artist and for international copyright. Like my other reproduction items, they will not be available for wholesale either.

16 May 2009

New Vintage Fancy Pet Animals!

Today I'm enjoying the sunshine and my new vintage fancy pet animals! All super cute and great additions to my collection!! (I think the elephant is my favorite.)