28 January 2010

A Valentine's Treat!

2010 Valentine's Day things are now all listed in Shop 66. Hooray! Starting today (1/28) all Valentine's items are "Buy One, Get One FREE" for one week (2/4). Please indicate "BOGO" at checkout, pay in full and you will be credited/refunded for your free items in 24 hours. Please contact me at ggmossgirl@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Have fun!

26 January 2010

Free Stuff: Valentine's Day Fun I

Time for Free Stuff!! Here are two cute vintage fun Valentine's Day fun sheets from a vintage 1970's Valentine's Day card book. (More sheets are coming!)

Sheet of Vintage Valentines 1
Sheet of Vintage Valentines 2

24 January 2010

Shop 66 Work Central

Shop 66 is back to normal!! It's filled back up with products and some new things. I really did miss it soooo much. Above is my "Work Central." Though you've all seen my Doll Room desk and my Office/Ferret room work table, I love to work here - on our huge Living Room coffee table. There's also tons of light from our skylights, the TV to watch old movies, and two comfy sofas to sit and work from. It's definitely the "living" room of my house.

23 January 2010

I'm Back!!! !!!

Yes, I am!! Crossing my fingers my "wellness" sticks. It's been a tough, tough, TOUGH few weeks. But I've been good to carefully take care so I can return to my normal activities + have lots of fun Shop 66 fun.

It's been quietly somber in the Doll Room... but...

I had some fun on a rainy day this past Thursday... well for a few minutes. (Cheer up, Pup!)

Of course, my dolls always keep my comfort when I'm sick in bed. (Though a visit from you, my friends, would be so much better.)

I made lots of things while resting. Like little plastic charms for the Shop. (Available soon in similar sets to my sticker/magnet packs. Custom/special orders always welcome too.)

I also received sweets from Germany last week - a fantastic surprise when your not feeling well.

Shop 66 will be back up and running NORMAL tomorrow, Sunday! 95% of all shipping is completed so I'm really, really ready to go! Thank you all for the well wishes and support. It means the world to me. See you all soon!! ;)

11 January 2010

little men shop, sickness and etc

Samantha's "little men" shop is now open on Etsy. I recommend visiting often because I've seen all the things she'll be adding. Fun, fun!

My popular "Valentine's Day Dolls" stickers from last year are finally ready for the Shop. I'll be listing many packs this week plus a few magnet sets.

And finally, this is short because I'm still super, super sick. I'm having some complications with a kidney infection from a possible kidney stone in my left kidney. This is a normal event for me historically but this episode is tough and I'm finding I'm working less and less each day. Shop 66 is suffering. Hoping this next round of antibiotics works! ;)

10 January 2010

5 days in Snapshots

I've been a busy girl + still dealing with Kidney issues (with a capital K - because that sounds more important). Anyway, here's the last five days in photos. (Above is just ABBA - I love their fantastic costumes - especially the cat shirt/dresses.)

The Valentine's Pixies are out!

New Shop 66 products.

Me with straightened hair. Crazy!

My new gig... Teaching Carolina! The shop just started helping.

And finally Meiko!

05 January 2010

Fantastic News

Not only do I have lots of new fantastic, secret Shop 66 products I'm debuting over the next few months, I'm also starting a new project/job/work. It's been something in the works for months now and it's all about to happen. Tomorrow I start helping local cute teaching/children's shop (specializing in educational materials and toys) "Teaching Carolina." I'm very excited and promise I'll be sharing my adventures there... here on my blog. This was also another reason for me to start listing only "ready-made" products in Shop 66 shop. Juggling the two will be an art but it's a talent and an expertise I have.

I know Shop 66 is a still little bare today but I hope to have it all stocked up with products and new vintage cute things the next few days.

04 January 2010

Cloud of "Tweet" Smiles

Here's my Twitter "Tweet Cloud" for this past month. It reveals all my most commonly used words. My cloud always make me smile. :)

03 January 2010

Back to Work! ??

I'm trying to hard to get back into the rhythm of work! Last night was super cold here so I confess, I'd rather just curl up with hot chocolate and watch old movies.

02 January 2010

Shop 66 Open Again... in a flash!!

I'm on a roll today... back in the swing of things. It is so hard to get back to work after goofing off. Anyway, Shop 66 shop is now open again for business and new products will appear tonight (like the cute Valentine's Day items above). Hooray!!

01 January 2010

Hooray for 2010!!

10 things I wish for in 2010 (and really always):
1) Health
2) Financial stability
3) Continued happiness
4) Steady, manageable work
5) Inner peace & growth
6) Time & $'s to visit family
7) More correspondence with far away friends
8) Exploring more of my current home, South Carolina
9) A crazy, fun trip or vacation
10) and lots of new vintage dolls & toys!!