30 June 2013


Here is rare snapshot of my fur baby, Zero. He is the youngster of my ferret family. He is naughty but super sweet and nice. He loves to hang out with me when I'm hanging out at home. He also adores playing in water and stands up for treats and snacks (even when I'm not offering any...like a beggar).

Recent Finds, Little Finds

Saturday is typically a collectors dream of estate sales, yard sales and garage sales all over town (and for me Thrift Shops) but today I started the day by helping Charles baseball team's (the Cobras) Yard Sale to raise money for their trip to Cooperstown. Of course, I happily organized and priced all the toys.

Below is a few of my awesome finds.

Above is a wood musical toy from Greece. This is for my future grandbabygirl.
(Thank you Debbie for putting this aside for me!)

Below is an amazing find I found last week but shared only on my Instagram: cute whale shakers. 
They will be listed in 'forourhouse' soon. 

This wood stacking toy and doll (above and below) were mixed up in a random bag of wood toys we put together for the sale. After seeing them sit forever on the toy table, I finally gave in and bought the bag. They make me smile.

  This battery operated Wiener dog (below) was one of my amazing $1.00 or  less finds (and from my favorite secret thrift shop). The label says 'works'. I've yet to give him his battery to see. 
(I hope he barks.)

 Any odd crocheted dolls will naturally stand out and make it to my house. 
Look at that amazing curly head of hair!

Hand drawn vintage ceramic teacup (below) for only 50 cents. 

 A fantastic handmade tiny wood owl (below) was only 10 cents. 
He's a magnet! I love him.

Little totem pole (below)! Only 25 cents.

And another vintage souvenir - and I'm not sure where from? - in perfect condition. 
This might make it's way to 'forourhouse' also.

And finally a vintage view-master. I love this particular style/design and color. 
(Only $1.50)

What did you find today?

27 June 2013

A World of Amazing Illustration

Oh my! I've had one of those weeks and now DAYS of finding and 'pinning' amazing vintage and new illustrations from all around the world. All in one place... wonderful Pinterest

Today, as I near 1,000 pins on my Illustrate board, I'm sharing some of my recent favorites.


I'm smiling on the outside and the inside! How can it be that I keep finding more? And even more exciting is seeing them from all over the world. 

23 June 2013

Hanging Around My House

Once I had the most impressive  and amazing wall of little dolls, ornaments, mascots and other hanging things (above). Yes, it was stunning! I'm sure you agree.

And I guess I miss it more than I admit because I am slowly collecting hanging mascots and ornaments without really knowing I'm collecting them. They hang around various places in my house and today as I was gathering them for photos I realized I have a new little collection (below).

And I had to add this adorable child's basket purse from China.

Have a happy week!

21 June 2013

Happy Busy Bee

I'm a very (happy) busy bee. I've been on the go non-stop for a week now. 

So here's a little sharing via photos.

We drove west at sunset for our friends wedding and reception at Golf n' Stuff in Ventura. Do I really need to explain how amazing it was?

Pinball, pirate ships, castles and race cars, oh my!

Work work work! Here I am smirking as I show my boss, Liza, her new yellow office walls 
(painted while she is out of town).

I was so tired that night (since the previous night's sleep was so short) I ate part of a sandwich and then left it all night on my desk.

S.O.S. (Save Our Sanity) Day for the special needs parents and children at my Church. The parents get a break while we have a day of fun. 

It was water play day too. I got soaked. (Yes, that's Dade using the hose.)

And here is Dade making sand art.

Organize and box all the extra treasures around my tiny house, then tackle a mountain of laundry! (You'll find out why the rush soon.)
I was at the laundromat for hours and hours and hours.

After laundry I had lunch and fun with my sister, Katie, and my brother-in-law, Kevin who were in town for a few days before flying to China on vacation.
Of course we stopped by Daiso!

Our visit had to be short because I had to sleep early to prepare for the next day....

I woke up very, very, very early to take the train to start my new job as File Clerk at a downtown Los Angeles law firm! I have my own office, in a nice building in the heart of downtown. 

 Here's my new building.

Now I wake before sunrise to take the train to be the first arrival at the firm 
(and the first to exit early afternoon). 

My blog posts may be fewer as I adjust to this busy schedule but do not worry, I'm sure they will be much longer.  Oh the things you see in Los Angeles!