28 November 2009

Show & Tell: New Doll Room Friends

Here's a quick Show & Tell blog post of my recent collection additions aka new Doll Room friends. I'm hoping to share some photos of my vintage Christmas things soon. This past week was super busy and this coming week will be the same. So enjoy seeing my new friends for now. I hope to bring more interesting things here very soon.

24 November 2009

More Little Treasures!!

Here is an overview of some things I've added to Shop 66 the past two days. I'm on a roll!! It's a lot of work but so much fun.

Also, I've been asked by a few people "Are you having a Black Friday sale?" and my answer is "No, I'm not having a sale. Instead I'm adding all sorts of special treasures to my Shop all week." Isn't that better?

22 November 2009


Yes, lots and lots of fantastic surprises...all week long!! It's time to load Shop 66 with tons of goodies. Watch all week because I'll be adding things all day, every day (except Thanksgiving afternoon). Above is a sampling of the things I've been saving. All these items (and more) were added this past Friday and Saturday - available now. Though I normally show you a preview, this week will be different... I will show what I've added on Flickr (or here) after it's available in the Shop. Have fun!!

18 November 2009

Oh My!

Oh My! I really need to get back to blogging!! I really do love it. But forgive me my dear Shop 66 friends, I've had extreme fatigue for weeks now and my blog has been low on my priority list. I'm hoping to be back in the swing of things very soon. I've had some time and energy (and good sunlight) the past few days to photograph some shop additions. Lots of goodies! Very eclectic, eccentric, kitschy, cool, and of course, cute vintage stuff. Here's just a sampling.

Watch of all these items (and others) to appear sporadically in the Shop all week!

15 November 2009

My Furry Children

Here are some photos of my five furry (ferret) children.





Jenny (with the stripe)

12 November 2009

Show & Tell: My New Things

Today's Show & Tell is short and sweet...and cute and fun... all Shop 66 style. But, all MY new additions to my personal collection. Enjoy!

11 November 2009

My (Un-Hidden) Favorites

Hooray! I've un-hidden my favorites! Here's just a few favorite things... find more in my Shop plus visit my favorite shops.

Two New Paper Doll Sets

I'm happy to show you a peek at my two new vintage Japan paper doll sets. Like my other paper doll reproduction sets, these will be handcut and mini/play size. Available in Shop 66 by the end of the week.

08 November 2009

Shop Additions!!!

Shop additions will start arriving tonight at 8:00 pm (EST). Hooray!!
See my flickr for a sneak peek:

03 November 2009

02 November 2009

Say Hello To My Little Friend...

I love Monday mail! This adorable Josef Originals panda arrived. I've wanted for a long time and now he's mine.

And find other Josef Originals (and other things) in my shop Tuesday!!

I received some comments/inquiries on where/how to buy Shop 66 products if you do not have Paypal or an Etsy or Artfire account. I do accept other forms of payment including money orders. Feel free to contact me by email at ggmossgirl@yahoo.com for more information.

01 November 2009

Return of the Kewpies!

Hooray! Kewpie stickers have returned to Shop 66. They were on a shor vacation and have now returned in a pack of five different super cute poses. For a low price of $4.00/USD. A magnets edition will arrive later in the week.

Find them here: Kewpie Stickers