31 May 2008

My eyes...

I've been having some eye pain lately do to a combination of long hours looking at this screen, environmental issues, and arthritis inflammation so I'm forcing myself to rest my eyes! Right now I feel like I have two big black eyes. So I need to make my blog entry short and sign off here for the afternoon and evening! So sorry dear friends! Please do the same and go outside and have a wonderful day! :D

30 May 2008

Friday Browsing and stuff

I'm staying in and working on stuff tonight. As usual I'm searching for dolls and stuff on Yahoo Japan while periodically checking on Shop 66. And at the same time I'm planning in my head where I'll go when I visit Denver in two weeks (for my Mom's wedding!). It's been three years since my last visit (I lived there seven years, 93' to 00') so I'm making a list:

#1 Denver Art Museum New Building by Daniel Libeskind!! On my last visit it was in progress. Can't wait to see it finished and go inside.

#2 Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys. It has a very cool Kokeshi and Japanese doll collection. If I remember correctly, I think they have a couple of pose dolls! (It's been at least eight years since my last visit.)

#3 Taki's. My favorite Japanese restaurant. Taki makes the best Ginger Miso soup. There's nothing like it - it can cure any ailment and make you feel revitalized. On my last visit Taki gave me a whole container of his secret ginger miso base to take home. He was so touched that Taki's is always my first stop when I visit Denver.

#4 Pirate Art Gallery. My favorite art gallery (and a place where my art has hung). One of my favorite Denver artist's, Phil Bender, is having an art opening the weekend I visit. He even has a piece of my art in his house.

So that's what I have so far. I'm sure I'll squeeze in some other places to visit while I'm there! I have to come home with a new doll too.

My other activities this evening includes some Etsy shopping. I bought the kitschy big-eyed doll above from Shabby Vintage Home and the cute little matchbook art below from Be Happy Now .

Now it's time to get some Zzzzzzzzzzzzz's. Tomorrow I need to add things to Shop 66 and work on some other important things. Sweet dreams! :D

29 May 2008

Seems so super soon (in the week) for Doll Night?

Seems so super soon (in the week) for Doll Night? But it's tonight at 10:00 pm EST!!!

And once again, I have an appointment the next morning so it's just one time this week. Some day I'll be more organized! If darn Shop 66 would just slow down a little I'd be able to handle more! :D

Thanks for all the Shop 66 love! oxoxoxo

28 May 2008

Club Shop 66...Coming Soon!

It's time for me to create Club Shop 66! This special club will be for my lovely, loyal Shop 66 fans to receive special notice and preview of Shop 66 items! I'll also be creating special limited Shop 66 items just for Club Shop 66 members.

I'll be thinking through all the details and be sharing them very soon! I'm so excited!! :D

New Shop 66 Additions!

27 May 2008

Tuesday Monday

It's Tuesday but a Monday for me because yesterday was a holiday. And the day has been quite odd -- we all woke up very, very late - even my ferrets; my matte black ink cartridge ran out and the office supply store does not have a refill because their delivery is late; a ceramic giraffe that shipped all the way to South Africa arrived in four pieces; a vintage firecracker box I was sending out in an order disintegrated in my hand; and, I ran out of checks and realized I had not ordered new ones. Even the postman was late. So the whole day has been odd. And even more so because I remain extremely calm and untouched by all this oddness. :)

Look for shop additions late this evening and tomorrow morning!!

26 May 2008

In Memoriam

--Today is a National Holiday in the USA: Memorial Day--
Donald F. Moss
8.4.63 - 7.29.04
-- love never ends --

Our wedding invitation, 6.17.89

25 May 2008

Quiet Night

It's a nice quiet Sunday evening here. I spent the day cleaning and reorganizing my office. Though tomorrow is a national holiday, Memorial Day, I'll be working on Shop shipping and getting items ready to add to Shop 66.

Here's some photos I took of my Studio office this evening:

The bench below is covered with some of my favorite boxes of my vintage jewelry box collection. The black boxes are archival storage for my collection of stationery and other printed matter. Underneath is doll overspill. Below are some of my favorite small toys and miniatures.
I reorganized some of the shelves and contents of my doll cabinets. These cabinets feature some pose dolls but they also include Susie Sad Eyes, Love Me Linda and other vintage dolls. My other cabinets are primarily pose dolls and other cloth dolls. There is absolutely not room left in these cabinets for anymore dolls! (To fit a few new dolls in these cabinets today I had to make the decision on who will be up for adoption this coming week.)

Once again it took me the whole day to reorganize my shelves to make things fit

24 May 2008

Just Arrived and Coming Soon to Shop 66!

Here's some fantastic stuff that just arrived in my studio that will be added to Shop 66 very soon! I worked super hard to find all these and other wonderful goodies so I'm very excited to share them with all my Shop 66 friends!!
Have a great Saturday! :D

Vintage Girl Letter Sets
More Cute Letter Sets
Cute Pop Bead Sets
Space Invaders stickers and trinkets
Cool Trading Cards

23 May 2008

Yay! Friday.... and Shop Additions

Yes, it's another Friday! Wow! What a fast week. Anyway, not much going on for me today but shop responsibilities and some errands.
Lots of new stuff in the shop also. And more coming soon!! :)

22 May 2008

No Doll Night This Week :(

Sorry Shop 66 doll friends - no doll night this week! I'm overloaded with lots of shop responsibilities and I just can't add anymore things to the load!

Show and Tell: My Newest Collection Additions

I've been so busy with my shops I've not been looking for things for myself lately (or taking any photos of new arrivals). So here's just a few new additions to my collection from the past few weeks.

21 May 2008

Wow! What a Night!

Well, I uploaded quite a few goodies this evening and already more than half of them are going to new homes. I guess I was on the mark today on what everyone was itching for. Yes, there were a lot of cute things! Thank you. :)

And more will come...thanks for all the Shop 66 love!! oxoxoxoxo

Shop 66 Additions "Tease"

Hello Wednesday! Per several inquiries of interest -- it's time for me to upload some new items!! As you can see above I have lots of things to add (and that's just half of the lot). Look for these new things throughout today and tomorrow.

Now off I go... lots to do!!! :)

20 May 2008

Shop 66 Jewelry Shop Additions

I spent a little time last night and today working on Shop 66 Jewelry - below are items added to the shop and above is a packaging label I designed.
Tomorrow I will add new things to Shop 66!
Now off to do some more things... :)

19 May 2008

New Items coming...

Since last week was a quieter week for me, lots of new items will be added to the shop(s) all week. Tonight I'll upload new items to Shop 66 Jewelry and tomorrow I'll start adding things to Shop 66.

I'm sure you noticed all the Shop 66 packaged items lately and more will be coming. You see, in addition to my art background, I have 20 years of professional experience in presentations and marketing for the design services industry so it's always in me to "present" things in new and creative ways. In addition, I have a personal interest in packaging design. See all my recent Shop 66 stuff in the following flickr set: Art, Design and Packaging.

Another Monday

It's Monday -- the sun is shining and there is lots and lots to do!! I started my day a little late and my mail was early. Now I really feel behind!
Have nice day!

18 May 2008

Shop 66 Retro Appliques

Here is another new Shop 66 item that will be available this week: Retro Appliques!
Look for them for in the shop later this week! :)

Father's Day Stuff

Check out the new Shop 66 "Father's Day" section for cool vintage cards and stuff.

I uploaded many new items last night and will again tonight!
Have a nice Sunday!

17 May 2008

Sunny Saturday

Happy sunny Saturday! I was planning to spend some time outdoors today but my allergies are forcing me to stay indoors and nurse a headache. While stuck in the house I sorted through my huge vintage stash to see what things I'll add this week to Shop 66. The photo below is just a few of the things I'll be adding. Items include vintage Father's Day cards, Russian character pins and badges, retro 80's and alien puffy stickers, 3-D post cards (no in photo), appliques and other cool charms and trinkets.

If you did not know, Etsy changed it's search engine last week. Please note that handmade, vintage and supplies can be searched separately or you can search all items. See below for where the pull down menu is.
A new feature on Etsy this week was the addition of a "Shop Policies" page for each shop. Please see below for where it is located.
Thank you for all you love for Shop 66!! I'll be adding new items to the shop throughout the weekend. Have a wonderful day! :)