30 September 2008

The Heat

I was a little absent from my blog, shop and flicker the past 24 hours - I'm a tad sick. Heat sick. My air conditioner finally blew up - literally - from the inside out. And since it's a big central air conditioning unit, it's not a quick fix. Though I've had no air conditioning for almost a week now, it was cool in South Carolina until a few days ago. Unfortunately, the heat and humidity returned and it's wearing on me.

The good news is that a cold front is headed to South Carolina (I'm crossing my fingers). I have lots of items set aside for Shop 66 - they just need to be photographed (but under hot lights. lol.). Lets hope it cools down soon and I can work at full capacity. :)

27 September 2008

In Progress

So sorry my Shop 66 friends, no dollies or additions to the Shop today! I've got a lot of WIP(work-in-progress) for Shop 66 that will be debuted tomorrow night. So look for a double daily dose of dollies tomorrow night! :)

26 September 2008

Halloween Cute

Visit Shop 66 tonight for more Halloween (and other) stuff. A special edition Shop 66 Halloween button 4-pack will also be available this evening (of the images above - by me).

25 September 2008

Halloween Arriving Tonight!

Halloween items will arrive tonight! Yay!

I have a very limited supply of each item (5 or less) to get yours quickly. There are charms jars, cupcake toppers, stems and poms and other halloweenie, fall items (including some monsters!). Look for listings to start appearing about 7:00 pm EST.

24 September 2008

More dolls...Love Me Linda

Yes, I have lots of "pose" dolls but they're not the only dolls I collect. In addition to Susie Sad Eyes, Tammy and Friends, and other 1960's vinyl dolls, I collect "Love Me Linda" or "Pretty as a Picture" dolls by Vogue (circa 1965). Currently, I have five...mint...Lindas. I see them from time to time on Ebay but never as sweet and pretty as my fab five.

Look for more Shop 66 daily dollies to be added to the shop this evening. As I get caught up with shop responsibilities this week, more and more will be added.

23 September 2008


After having the three day drama of events and travel -- as well as a personal identity crisis -- I'm a tad moody (reflected in the above photo). Thank you Shop 66 and flickr dolly friends! You're helping me get back to normal.

Look for new items in Shop 66 tonight! I'm not promising it will happen but I'm ready! ;)

22 September 2008


New items will be added tomorrow - not tonight. Forgive me Shop 66 friends...the day went a little too fast and I'm very fatigued from my trip. xoxo

Fall is Here!

Here's a sneak peek at special edition things I'm working on for Shop 66. Look for these items to start arriving later today and throughout the week. (Following Fall items will be Christmas items!!) :D


I'm back! From my three long days of traveling and events. I'm so exhausted and went through so much emotionally, there's no words to describe it. Right now, I'm just super happy to be at home and back to my little Shop 66 world.

I was able to browse one shop in NYC yesterday - Pearl River . I picked up a few cute things - Apollo chocolates, the cute bunny in the photo and some other cute trinkets. Wish I had time to see more.

Look for new items to be added to Shop 66 late tonight!!

(I am soooooooooo happy to be home. xoxo)

18 September 2008

Another Wedding!

I'm off to New York early tomorrow morning! My stepson, Erik, is getting married Saturday. I'll be watching the Shop and doing a little work when I can. No new items will be added to Shop 66 until I return (I'm back Sunday night). See you soon!! oxoxo g.

My Newest Treasury

17 September 2008

New Stuff!

Here's some new cute handmade/assembled stuff for Shop 66!! Enjoy!

Ferret Play

Ferrets can find fun in anything. They especially love bags. I took this shot after seeing all five of my ferrets playing inside this big plastic bag - by the time I ran back to their room Hansel and Gretal were the only two still inside. :)

16 September 2008

Terrific Tuesday!

My Tuesday was terrific! Look for cute new dollies and stuff in Shop 66!

The printer drama is over for now - my old little desktop printer is now networked to be wireless (thank you George!) and once again this little workhorse printer has saved the day (now why did I retire it?). My new "professional" printer is off (for now). Shipping is still a tiny bit behind due to the printer drama but it should be on track and back to normal by the end of the week.

Tomorrow I'll share some fantastic mail I got this week and I'll reveal some new handmade things!!! oxoxox

15 September 2008

Manic Monday!

Today was a typical manic Monday! My awesome HP professional printer is having problems so I had to dust off my old tiny HP inkjet printer for backup. That meant I also had to rush out to find printer cartridges. Once I was finished with that drama, I settled back to work again and then Etsy.com crashed! OMG! Fortunately it was for only a short time. It does not surprise me that these things happen considering the rate Etsy is growing but it's still shocking when it happens.

I'm still diligently increasing the items and variety in Shop 66. Watch daily as I'll be adding new items. :)

14 September 2008

2000 Items?

Almost there...1,989...and counting!! Hoping to start the new week on a good note @ 2000!!!

13 September 2008

200+ items in the Shop!

Shop 66 is finally filling up! Friday and Saturday are very quiet, slow days so I was able to fill it up with lots of new items the past few days. More will be added tomorrow!! :)

12 September 2008

Not So Fun Friday :(

I'm not feeling so good today. I think working so hard the past few weeks has caught up with me? So my Friday has not been so fun! I was still able to add some things to Shop 66 and will continue to all weekend. Check back over the weekend to see a more cheerful blog entry! :)

11 September 2008

Pose Dolly Inspiration

Here are a few pose dolly things created by some of my favorite Shop 66 friends!

Pose Doll Bookmarks (dollies from Shop 66!)
by Tiny Bazaar

Little Miss Pretty Face
by Dollface Design

Pose Doll Prints (dollies from Shop 66!)
"The Munch Bunch" and "Diggin the Dog"
by Boopsie Daisy

Pose Dolls (for sale)
@ Olde Frost Farm ~ 1780

10 September 2008

Wowee Wednesday!

Today I got a box from Japan!! It's been about eight weeks since my last so it was exciting! For myself there were many small vintage dolls and other wonderful books and stationery!! For Shop 66 there is lots and lots!! Look for those items to start appearing tonight!

Below (and above) are some of my new dollies! :)

Posey Lisa

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Vintage Japan Commercial!

Wonderful Natsuko (on Flickr) shared this cute Japanese commercial on Flickr so I just had to share!! (at the end of the commercial click on the other links for more!)

09 September 2008


I've been extremely focused the past few days on Shop 66 tasks - I almost forgot to blog today! I work very late now (since Shop 66 is open 24/7) and forget what time it is! Silly me.

So that's what I'm up to...working feverishly. Monday's and Tuesday's I try to knock out the bulk of shipping so I can use the rest of the week for the fun and creative parts of Shop 66. (I'm hoping to create some new things tomorrow!!)

I added many dolls this evening (and as usual - they went super fast). I'm shocked on what I found while I was reorganizing my huge inventory - hundreds and hundreds of little dollies. Wow, it's amazing how many I've collected - especially for Shop 66!!

Now I'm off to have some sweet dolly dreams!!! :)

08 September 2008

Welcome New Dolly!

Lately, my spending has been 98% for Shop 66 so it was nice to get a dolly in the mail today! Welcome new dolly (the new doll is the one in the center)!

I'm adding things to Shop 66 almost daily now so make sure you visit often. The next few days I will be concentrating on shipping but I will also be creating some new rings and other things. Look for those to arrive by Thursday night!

I feel a little boring lately because I'm so absorbed in Shop 66. Fortunately, I get a break next week as I'll be headed to New York for Erik's (my stepson) wedding! Yeah! :)

07 September 2008

Tiny Shop 66 Treasures!

I've just about finished my inventory mission! I'm exhausted. Fortunately, the next few days I will be taking a rest from new inventory and concentrating on shipping and other shop responsibilities.

Tonight I'll be listing a few dolls (I forgot to list a doll last night - forgive me) and many, many tiny Shop 66 treasures. I have lots of "cool random trinkets" I've put together (see photos). I have lots of things planned for Shop 66 at the end of the week! I'm having a wedding celebration sale next weekend - to celebrate my stepson's wedding on the 20th!!! I also receive a box from Japan in the next few days! It's filled with all sorts of goodies!!

Hope your Sunday was nice!! oxoxox g.