29 September 2009

Show & Tell: My (Cute & Fun) Bead Box

Today I share with you my CUTE and FUN bead box filled with porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal and plastic beads. (Looks like candy!) Most I order on Ebay and come from China. I order them in very small quantities, from 4 to 10 pieces, and try to get as many cute different styles I can find. And most of the time I share them in my Shop 66 bead/craft jars.

28 September 2009

Fall Wonders

I love change of season! Each one is inspiring and perfect for photo opportunities. So far my favorite Fall photo is today's Little Acorn shot. As I was taking this photo, the yellow jacket bee (seen below) was busy gathering pollen, moss or mud off the table. He was working so hard, he didn't even bother with me or Little Acorn. I think he's busy building a nest for cool Fall days.

Here are some more photos in the spirit of the season or Fall Wonders.

(The photo above is available in the Shop as an Mini Print/ACEO.)

27 September 2009

My Roly Poly Friends

Here are my three "Roly-Poly" style baby toy/doll friends from Japan. They do not come out and play often - they are two noisy and disturbing. Each have chimes inside and each sounds different. Makes my ferrets shake. Makes me feel crazy!! It's hard to believe these were made for babies? I still love them.


25 September 2009

(First Ever) Buy One, Get One SALE!!

From: 1:00 PM (EST)
Friday - September 25
To: 11:00 PM (EST)
Sunday - September 27

Buy One (1) item, Get One (1) item (equal or lesser value) FREE!!
Please indicate at checkout (or in a convo to me if you forget): "BOGO SALE"
I will then send you a Paypal invoice*.

*Note: To receive the discount - all items need to be paid in full within 24 hours of receipt of your Paypal invoice! If payment is not received (and I have not heard from you), your sale/discount will be void.

22 September 2009

Show & Tell: My Favorite Paper Doll

If I were a paper doll, this is the paper doll I would be. And coincidentally, this paper doll and I share two things, our name and birth year: Gretchen, 1966. She also has a wardrobe I would totally wear. Look at those shoes she's wearing on the box... perfectly modern.

Her neck is broken and has been taped but I do not care. Until I find a nicer set, I'm happy with this one. (I think she's rare because she this is the only one I every found on Ebay.)

Though she's missing half her wardrobe, I'm happy to have what is left.

The box even had a few un-punched outfits.

Here's one of the missing dresses. So Mod.

I think Gretchen paper doll is about 4... here's me at 4... see the similarity. :)

21 September 2009

Shop 66: Kitschy Christmas Things Ready!!

Just for you, my Shop 66 friends who love to create and are inspired by vintage, kitschy and cute things, I worked very hard this week to finish the Kitschy Christmas Things digital collage sheet. It's now available in Shop 66 (Etsy shop; Artfire shop mid-week) for only $3.25 (USD) - just little more than Kitschy Things I and II but it has a lot more images. Hooray!!

-and- because I finished it so early, I will be working on an Edition II. Feel free to contact me if there is any special item you want me to include in the next edition. Though I have a few item images I'm saving for my own creations, I do want to know what images you wish for - you know I love to share.

20 September 2009

Show & Tell: Vintage Japan Coloring Books

I love to collect vintage coloring books and after discovering the cute and sweet books for girls in Japan, I've focused my collection on them. Here are a few of my favorites (books, covers and pages).

As I scan and archive more, I will share more with you. Here's where you can find the rest of my recent archival efforts:
Vintage Japan Graphics

Last of this Week's Shop Additions!

1. Bear(?) Squeak, 2. Robot, 3. Kewpie, 4. Holly Hobbie (like) Doll Picks, 5. Squirt Animal Dog, 6. Ball Games, 7. Dino Bank, 8. Adorable Pixie Elf, 9. Big Eye Angels, 10. Cone Angel, 11. Pixie Face, 12. Polka Dot Banjo, 13. Adorable Pixie Elf, 14. Reindeer Pair, 15. Kitschy Chenille Cherries, 16. Reindeer

Here is the last bunch of new items I just listed. (No new shop additions until next weekend.) Have fun!!

19 September 2009

Holiday Sneak Peeks!

Yes, it's true, I've been super boring this week in my blog posts, but it's all in an effort to finish a couple more Holiday things. The clock is ticking fast. The two items I'm working on right now include Kitschy Christmas Things Digital Collage Sheet and Kitsch-tastic Thanksgiving Stickers. Once they are finished, I will have a time again to post collecting and doll themed posts. (Hopefully!) In the meantime, here's some special sneak peeks of both items. Look for Kitschy Christmas Things to arrive by the end of next week. I know you'll love working with these images for your own Christmas items. Thanksgiving stickers will arrive mid-October. (I'm still hunting for the perfect Turkey.)