31 October 2008

Flicker Friend Photos: Halloween Treat 2

Cupcake Cuties
Originally uploaded by boopsie.daisy
I was left speechless when I found these pose doll cupcake toppers "Cupcake Cuties" created by the fabulous Boopsie Daisy!!! They are so fantastic! Finding this picture was the highlight of my evening! (Honestly.) Missy you're so amazing! xoxo

Flickr Friend Photos: Halloween Treat 1

bead people
Originally uploaded by kitschdolls
Kitschdolls posted these awesome bead people she found on Ebay! Wowee!! I'm thinking it's time for me to create some bead people for Shop 66!?!


30 October 2008

Lots of New Additions!

I'm just a busy bee these days working at trying to get Shop 66 back in shape after my brief illness last week! I'll have more to share soon - lots of additions to my personal collection, new finds, etc. Below is some new things just added to the Shop. See you tomorrow for Halloween!! :)

27 October 2008

Marvelous Monday!

Hello Shop 66 Friends! I'm almost 100% back to work after days and days of being ill. I've added lots of things to Shop 66, created some Pup 66 buttons/badges, and starting getting caught up with shipping. I got lots and lots and lots to do!! Watch for more new items - once again I'll be adding things daily.

Below are some new additions to my personal collection.

24 October 2008

Coming Soon

It's definitely a sign I'm feeling better - I created some new items for Shop 66 this afternoon! Watch for above items and other things arriving later tonight and throughout the weekend!

23 October 2008

Still Sick

I've been in bed all day. If you've followed my blog for since last February, you would know about the health issue I've been dealing with (endometriosis). Three weeks ago my treatment for the illness changed and I'm feeling the difference now. Soooooo, as soon as I adjust to the new regiment of medication and treatment, I'm hoping to bounce back to normal activity. In the meantime, my #1 priority is to take care of myself. Visit me tomorrow, as I'm hoping to be feeling better and adding new things to the shop!! xoxo G.

22 October 2008

Recent Finds

Here's just a few of the things I spurged on this past week!

Super Cute Pixie Girl Ornaments (found on Ebay)

Little Mini Dishes (found on Etsy: Estate Sale Treasures) Puppet Storybooks (found on Ebay). Puss in Boots is hard to find!! I'm so excited!
Hillbilly Guitar Playin' Clown (from Reyney). And a surprise for someone...
Little Flocked Animal Charms (found on Etsy: Evol Pixies Supply)

Watch for new items to hit Shop 66 later tonight and throughout the rest of the week including new handmade Shop 66 rings!! Yay!

21 October 2008

Our Toys and Play Things

I asked my Mom to send me some photos with toys from our childhood. Interesting thing is she sent me all photos before I was born (the early 60's). Though I wasn't around yet, most of the toys in the photos I touched and played with as they were passed down or shared with me. Above is the Playhouse. It was precious and moved with us when we moved. Here's some of my other favorite photos.

The doll is this stroller is "Peter" he was well loved and the main baby doll of all our play.
I'm not sure I knew this fuzzy, plastic face doll in my brother's lap but I sure wish I had.
The bouncy horse was around for a very long time. I remember it well.
I do not remember all these cool cars and trucks. They're super cool.
One of many Schwinn bicycles we had.
That's all for today. I have a few more I'll share later in the week.
Tonight I'm taking a little time off from new shop additions. I've not been feeling well for a few days and need some rest. Look for new items to be added very soon - I'm hoping tomorrow night. :)

20 October 2008

Addition Delays!

Good evening!! There's a minor log-on problem with Etsy.com this evening so my additions are delayed. Please watch for additions later. In the meantime, here's a preview of some items I'll be adding.

19 October 2008

Snatched Up!

Here's some extra cute things that were snatched up instantly in Shop 66 the past few days! Wowee they went fast! Remember to check Shop 66 often as you might have the opportunity also to snatch up some of this extra cuteness. :)

18 October 2008

Sisters 1979

I found these three awesome photos of me and my sisters in 1979 (Pasadena, CA). I love the fashion and hair styles. I'm the baby sister - my two older sisters are Katie (6 years older) and Jenny (5 years older). I don't know if you can tell but we did a lot of stuff together. 1979 was a cool year!

Below is 10 years earlier (1969)!

17 October 2008

Sick Day!!

I'm having a sick day! Though I added a few things to the shop, I'm ill today and need rest. I've been working long hours. I'll be back tomorrow night with news, photos, etc. Have a nice Friday night!! xoxo

16 October 2008

Fantastic Words

Toys represent a microcosm of man’s world and dreams; they exhibit fantasy, imagination, humor and love. Alexander Girard

Dolly Darlings Surprise

It was one of those days when I decide spontaneously to have a surprise doll sale - tonight it was Dolly Darlings as the featured doll. You see, as I was moving my collection basket of Darlings earlier in the day, I realized how many excess I had - so many duplicates. So I decided I would surprise my regular Shop 66er's by having a surprise sale! Thank you to all that participated. It was fun! (Watch for more surprise sales in the coming weeks!!)