30 May 2013

Happy Little Books & Games

 Just a little Show n' Tell tonight of happy little books & games. 

Above is a favorite puppet storybook (and currently one of very few I have in my collection now). I love the chenille Ara animals. Remember my old collection of Ara animals? (I do miss them. Click the link to see them.)

Below are some games in my collection. I love picture games and of course anything felt.

And since a new little person will be part of my life soon, I've been happily purchasing small board books. (Above are some of my favorites.) Grandma Gretchen's house should be memorable, right?

My Grandmother Dorothy also lived in a tiny cozy apartment. I was always in love with it so I looked so forward to visiting her. She had an amazing closet full of great toys and always little tins of sweets. This obviously had an influence on me... because here I am living practically in her old neighborhood in a tiny house and yes, I have an amazing collection of toys and I always have sweets. 

Here is me and my big sister, Jenny, in her tiny cozy apartment about 1971.

And the last treat of the night is the cool things inside two other fuzzy felt games/toys I have: Bunny's Party and Noddy. 

Good night!

27 May 2013

Pup on the Mountain

Happy Memorial Day! Bob and I moseyed around the Valley today, from Echo Park (where I live a few days a week) to Topanga Canyon through Encino, Sherman Oaks, Burbank and Glendale, then back to Pasadena. (Sounds like a SNL Californians episode, yes! But that's what we do.)

Oh, I have lots of real news to share soon! See you soon. xo

26 May 2013

One Dollar or Less Vintage: Wood Tree

I found this wood tree for $1.00 yesterday. Best part of my story is it's from my next door neighbor's yard sale (I was so busy working I didn't notice until 2 p.m.). I'm so happy something was left just for me. I love it so much. I'm sure I'll over use it. xo

25 May 2013

Favorites and Pup and Stuff

I eyes are exhausted from website work and my brain is tired from Wordpress shenanigans. I have a mountain of laundry, sink full of dishes and my ferrets are begging for clean blankets. I'd say it's time for a real life BREAK!

Anyway, before my eyes gave up, I took a few more photos of favorite things. I have the perfect natural light for about an hour a day so when I'm in the mood I go for it.

Can you see why they're favorites?

Yesterday's I had to go out and get fresh air. I hung out at my friend Debbie's house (yes, For Our House Debbie). She made me lunch and then I hung out in the backyard by the pool while her son and friend were swimming. Pup came along.

See Pup over the basket!

That's all for now. I'll announce on my Facebook when I've added more things to For Our House shop. 

Have a happy Saturday!

24 May 2013

Perfect weather for walking our dogs!

Ms Dolly Be Mine is the collector who has a huge portion of the old Shop 66 dollies (seen here in today's flickr photo - dolls 1, 2, 3 and 7). It's so nice to see them out for some sun! 

Make sure you visit her Etsy shop. You will find lots of lovely treasures there (and maybe some previous Shop 66 dolls).


The Flickr Return

Yes, ggmossgirl has returned to Flickr. 

Please thank the kitschy girls above. I bumped into them while out celebrating a dear friends birthday. We stopped into a few Glendora thrift stores after lunch and first one we visited (Nit Pickers) had this trio by the entrance. I immediately took a photo and then I thought only my Flickr friends would know why. 
(The imperfect mod girl in the center, I think, was only $2.99.) 

And there you go...

I missed you all.

18 May 2013

Favorite Things

What's all this? Just more photos of some of my favorite things. 

Truthfully, I've been a little sick and fatigued all week. This is what happens when I'm 'homestuck'. I play and arrange and sometimes take photos. I bet you do too? 

Soon I will create a Shop 66 page with all the new photos of my current collection and some of the past.

Now it's time to get moving and get a little air and sun.

I'm not really up to 'thrifting' today but you never know...


Have a beautiful Saturday!!

17 May 2013

One Dollar or Less Vintage: Fawn & Tray

Here's a new feature "One Dollar or Less Vintage" featuring an item or two I found while thrifting for $1.00 or less. It's like winning a mini lottery.

Today's items are a round tin tray ($0.50) and a fawn shaker ($1.00). 


It all started recently when I saw the vintage stacking toys in the photo above (on Pinterest).

 It was love at first site. But I had no idea what they were and where they came from... until today when I saw a similar toy in a Mon Shop Vintage photo below. 

I have fallen for cute French vintage "Educalux" jouets (toys). 

L o o k ! ! !

Now to find my very own Educalux toys!
(Click the links for more photos like above - all found via Google.)

Did you know about?
I'd love to know.