31 August 2008

Busy, Busy Shop 66!!

If you've visited Shop 66 the past few days, you will see there's many new things. Though I've had record sales this weekend, there's still lots left. Watch as I will continue to list new items through Monday night! :)

I've also been logged on to Etsy.com for so many hours this weekend, I created a Treasury "What a doll !!" :

29 August 2008

Showcase of Shop 66 Doll Adoptions

Hello Shop 66 friends!
Above is a showcase of dolls adopted through Shop 66 over the past six months!! Wowee!!!! Look for more great dollies coming your way!! Have a super Friday night! oxoxox g.

Shop fun!

Sometimes I just need to play with my dolls! :)

28 August 2008

Sneak Peek!

One of the piles of stuff for Shop 66! Look for these and other items late tonight and tomorrow!! ;)

27 August 2008

New Items in the Shop!

Here's just a few of the new items I've added to Shop 66! More coming...


26 August 2008

25 August 2008

Happy Birthday Samantha!!!!

Woohoo - you're twenty-two!!! Have fun at your cool beach party today!!
I love you! Mom

22 August 2008

Tail of the Storm

The tail of the storm (or the outer ring) of Tropical Storm Fay has been hitting us off and on since 2:00 am. We've had three power outages - I've now given up resetting my clocks! Due to this chaotic bursts of rain and wind, I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off. If I have power late tonight I will add my "doll of the day" to Shop 66. My other new items will be listed late tomorrow night and Sunday if the storm has finally moved out of our region. Cross your fingers!! :)

21 August 2008


Yes, the storm that wouldn't budge is now moving super slow north and now more of it will drench the tip of South Carolina. Fay is headed my way...and hopefully it will not be any worse than it is right now. Even it gets crazy, I'm safe - I live in the middle of an island in a cluster of islands and it's inland several islands deep.

Look for dollies in Shop 66 later. Tomorrow I'll add some other items, vintage and handmade. And I promise to make some more rings. My cute girl rings as well as my pose doll rings sell out fast - just like the dollies! :)

20 August 2008

Today's Shop Additions!!

Regional Drama

This is the slowest tropical storm ever...crazy!! I feel bad for my southern friends in Florida! Hang in there. Go away Fay! (and stay away from me...that star is my world...)
UPDATE 2:30 PM EST: Storm edge is here now - it's raining buckets and slightly windy - nothing compared to my friends in the heart of the storm in Florida (as they are touching base with us hourly) but still stormy!! Can't wait to go to the post office! ;)

19 August 2008

Doll Night Announcement

Here's a new Doll Night announcement: I loved Doll Night and I will have one periodically, but starting today dolls will be added as surprises on a daily basis and weekly/bi-weekly doll night will be no more. Dolls will be of all genre, style and make because I wish I had 365 "pose" dolls to share each day of the year but I do not! So please continue to visit Shop 66 daily as dolls will now be "surprises"!! I promise it will be fun!!! :)

18 August 2008

Monday Shop Day

Super busy today! I'm multi-tasking! It's how Shop 66 thrives. Though it's hard to keep up with my shop I have to. Last week I just didn't multi-task -- listing, shipping and creating -- so Shop 66 was a little neglected for a few days. By me and my shop friends!?! I figured it out fast!! And now Shop 66 is back to normal after a few days of adding new listings and items!! Now I'm happy once again!

My office is a SUPER disaster today - I'm not even going to share a photo. But I do have lots of good stuff to show off!! Below is some of my new listings and the cute doll above is my newest doll that arrived in today's mail. :)