18 July 2013

What's Up Pup?

What's up here? Nervous excitement. 9 days until the baby's due date!

We don't know what we are doing or thinking or anything.



08 July 2013

Celebrations & Anticipations

Hello! Good Sun-day, to you! 
Look at the great things I see via the Metrolink train 
(above, a horsey passenger; and, below, Los Angeles skyline).

On Wednesday 'Summer Nights' at church we had a chili cook off and matchbox car races. That's Dade jumping as his car speeds down the ramp.

On Thursday, it was a July 4th, Independence Day AND my boyfriend's birthday. 
In other words, it was his special day. 
We had brunch and then went out to play:

Later I had some Fluff Ice to cool down.

Then we were on the hunt for sparklers and fireworks.
TNT had stands all over Alhambra and Monterey Park.

Here's my super short video of a 'flower bloom'

We had a marvelous day. Happy Birthday, Bobby!

My summer posts might be a little short and personal. My apologies in advance. Baby 'P' is due this month and I'm distracted. She is now full term and even though she is due at the end of the month, she could come any time now. I get excited every time I see a message or phone call from Samantha. 

Look at all the things I've collected over the past 7 months!
Here they are all spread out. OMG. 
(I think there's 6 or 7 handmade vintage sweaters.)

And here is my baby, Samantha.

Have a great week!
Good night.

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