30 November 2008

Flickr Friends VIDEO'S: Limbo Rock

Limbo Rock
Originally uploaded by Miss Retro Modern
I was thrilled to see that this little horsie made it to it's home but even more thrilled to see this video Miss Retro Modern made. Thanks for sharing!


New Flickr Group (No. 4): Bunka Dolls

Yes, here's another... Bunka Dolls! Yes, I could have created some cute name for the group but I think the dollies speak for themselves and need no other words to draw attention. Enjoy the new group!!

29 November 2008

I'll Be Back Sunday...

I'm took the day off from everything today. It was one of those rainy dark days so I watched movies, played games, read and sorted through some boxes of new shop things. No matter what I do to distract or absorb myself in, I can't help but think of my family that is far away or not here anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely grateful and thankful for everything I have and that's what makes me live life the way I do. There's just a part of my heart that longs for those not here - especially for my daughter, Samantha - she's 1,000 miles away in cold Detroit. (I miss you Sam!!) Next year we have to spend the Holiday season together!

As for Shop 66, I've got lots to add: doll heads, children's books, miniature shackman paper dolls, kitschy christmas elves and pixies, new shop 66 pinback buttons, 3-D postcards, decals, odd dolls, kewpies, etc... Watch for items to appear sporadically all week. See you all tomorrow!! I hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend!! xoxo Gretchen

28 November 2008

My Newest Puppet / Doll Storybook

Here is my newest addition to my puppet/doll storybook collection "Dollies at Play". I found this copy on ebay as a "buy-it-now" for only $14.00. Recently I saw this book sell on YJA for about $50.00. You can see why I'm so happy I found it.

This book was part of a series by Froebel-Kan from the early 1970's created about the same time as the Living Storybook collection. However these books were photographed by Akihiko Tsutsumi. I've found three titles so far: 1) Dollies at Play; 2) Animal Toys; and 3) Let's Play.

Pixie Time, Black Friday and WIP

It's the time of year to let out the pixies! Here are just a few that came out of the dark today.

Black friday....today in the US it is considered "black friday" - a day where there's tons of sales and bargains the day after Thanksgiving to kick off shopping frenzy of the holiday season. Honestly, I really not in to it and prefer to avoid the chaos.

Below are some things I'm working on that will debut late this evening. I'll also adding a few special dolls and things. Please watch Shop 66 starting at 9:00 PM EST. Now I've got to go because I have lots of things to do...

See you later!

26 November 2008

Look what I just won!!!

I just won these cute vintage dolly party favors on Ebay tonight!! Naturally, I do not need 24 of these cuties so I'll be sharing them in Shop 66 very soon!! I'm so excited!

My favorite knee hugger elf.

I've been handling/seeing/selling Christmas and holiday things for a couple of months. So now it's time for me to take out, display (or play) with my own things!!

Tis' the Season!! xoxo

66 Stamps

For me, the process to produce and create art has to be equally as interesting as creating the art itself. 66 Stamps is a current series of small, collage pieces I've been working on. Above and below are just two finished pieces of the 66. Enjoy!

(I will be offering as limited edition ACEO's or in some other format (ie. pins) sometime in December.)

25 November 2008

Felt and string and pins

Originally uploaded by scary things
By Samantha. I'm in love with it.

Kitschy Animal Band

This funny little kitschy animal band arrived in my mailbox today! They're so cool. :)

Model Pose Dolls

In my vintage stationery/printed matter collection are several items that feature pose dolls as models. Here are two images I scanned tonight so I could put them away in archival storage. Watch my flickr for more images as I'm slowly trying to scan and archive all the special pieces of my collection. Enjoy!

24 November 2008

Shop 66 is now on "Artfire"

Shop 66 is now on another handmade website "Artfire.com". I adore Etsy.com but there are other handmade e-commerce places for exposure that are not as saturated with items. Though I'm still getting the hang of Artfire, it is refreshing to see less items when shopping and browsing (like Etsy was in the old days). For now the items I'll have listed will only be Shop 66 handmade/assembled products that are also listed in Shop 66 on Etsy. I made a sale within five hours of listing. Wow.


My Weekend Treats

Here's a few treats I found this weekend:

Cute Pin featuring Holly Hobby by Porkchop Rules

Another fantastic kitschy doll/puppet storybook "Dollies at Play" - found on Ebay. A super cute pixie girl from All's Fairy Vintage.

23 November 2008

Four Lovely Ladies

Four Lovely Ladies
Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
Here are my four grownup lady pose dollies. I think of them as cloth Barbie dolls. Some day if I find one that needs a new outfit, I'll try and see if my huge collection of vintage Tammy outfits will fit them. For now, these four ladies are super bright and minty and must stay intact. So lovely!

Surprise! My fifth lovely lady (not in the photo) will be available in Shop 66 this evening. She's actually a good candidate for a makeover. See you later!!

22 November 2008

Shop 66 Additions Late Tonight and Tomorrow

Sweet Dreams
Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
This is just one of the many things I'll be adding to the Shop. I went through a nice size container today of things I've been hoping to add - lots of kitschy dolls, ornaments and Christmas miniatures.

See you later!!

More Around the Doll Room

I'm always in love with my Doll Room (aka the Shop 66 office) when I've reorganized. I start spending a little more time in there and then I start sharing photos. Recently, I realized I can't run the chaotic parts of Shop 66 out of my Doll Room. Currently Shop 66 is spread out in three different rooms (crazy, huh?). I take all the photos, package and store my inventory in two other rooms. (Half my house is now Shop 66.) :)

Pay-Pah Elephant at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair

I looked through the DUCF's flickr group to see if I could spot Samantha's table. Here it is (below, on the right) "Pay-Pah Elephant." I heard the fair was awesome!

THEN...Sam commented there's a better one (above)...very much better...

21 November 2008

Another Flickr Group: Handmade Pose Doll

I create another flickr group...it was very necessary! Here it is: Handmade Pose Doll. You see, our favorite muse - the Pose Doll - has been inpiring all of us so much we needed to have place to share our creations! It's awe inspiring. If I did not send an invite to you, please join (I got overwhelmed looking at my list of flickr contacts) - this is my invitation!

(Next group coming soon....We Love Bunka!!)

Vegetable Puppets

In my puppet storybook quest, I discovered a fanstastic, kitschy series I did not know existed - the "Vegetable Puppets Series" by the same creators of the puppet storybooks, Froebel-kan Co., Ltd. Japan. This late seventies series has eight titles: 1) Outdoor Fun; 2) Guess What I Am; 3) On a Sunday Afternoon; 4) What Do You Think; 5) Just a Minute; 6)On and Around the Snow; 7) Here Comes a Circus; and, 8) We Live in the Country. So far I have five titles, though two are slightly damaged. Enjoy some of my favorite photos!

20 November 2008

Flickr Friends Photos: Tessa and her teddy

Here's the last photo I'm sharing tonight....because there are more!! (Just see my favorites on flickr). Anyway, precious Linda made this handmade pose dolly (and a few others)! This cutie is already adopted by one of our posey circle of friends and I'm so jealous! Fortunately, I know Linda will make more!!

I'm so in love with your dollies Linda!!

Flickr Friends Photos: Handmade Posies!!!

OK!! There's just so many awesome photos to share tonight! Miss Boopsie Daisy's sister made this dolly and several others for her incredible shop "thepoppytree"! Go see!! They're so amazing!

I'm so much in love with all the new things I've seen the past few days....