29 July 2009

Happy Shop Additions!!

Yes, my previous post was a little sad. But you see, it was very therapeutic for me to write and share my story. Some days I need to shout out to world about my loss, pain and sadness because then it magically lifts away. And I share because we all face loss - it is part of our lives and not talked about enough - so I'm also trying to reach out to those who are experiencing significant loss too. Please feel free to contact me if you ever need help.

My day was a normal day, I'm still slightly fatigued from an antibiotic I've been taking for a few weeks, but otherwise I felt good. Not sad or blue. I was even able to get together 24 items ready for the shop. Look for them to start appearing late tonight and throughout Thursday. The items seen here are all available (see more on my flickr).

Also remember to post a comment on the blog giveaway. (See yesterday's post.)

5 years

5 years ago today my heart was ripped in half. My beloved husband, Don, was ripped out of my life in an instant. He was killed in a concrete construction accident. It was the worse day of my life. A day I will never forget. My heart still aches all the time. But I have grown, moved forward and lived life close to how we imagined it when he was alive.

Though he's still on my mind every day, it's in a positive way. I think: Don would have loved this... Don would be so happy... what would Don think?... etc. I do still catch my self signing sadly and saying "I miss my husband!!" all the time but slowly as time goes on it hurts less and less and not as often.

The song "5 years" by David Bowie has been playing over and over in my head the past week. I thought I'd share:

Everyone still misses you dearest Don!! We talk about you all the time. You marked so many of our lives. Your impact made many of us better people. Our love for you will never die!! RIP Donald F. Moss 8/4/1963 - 7/29/2004

ON ANOTHER NOTE, SAME SUBJECT: Sadly, my dear Aunt Joyce (my Mom's sister) died yesterday. She was declining for some time and was elderly but it's still shocking and sad. RIP Aunt Joyce.

28 July 2009

July Blog Giveway!!

My first (ever) blog giveway was fun and a success so I've decided to have a monthly drawing! This month's a quick one!! Drawing is for Friday, July 31st. Please leave your name in the comments section here. Prizes are:

1) Big Owl Magnets Set

2) Deluxe Kitsch-tastic Stickers Set

3) Vintage Japan Images Buttons Set Good luck!!!

27 July 2009

My Favorite Cabinet (and it's contents)

Today I share with you my favorite antique cabinet (from Bali)! It's the cabinet I love so much but it's also filled with all sorts of treasures, collections, books and other things. Some day I hope to fill it all up with the rest of things it was intended for... all stored far away in Michigan. For now, enjoy peeking into my favorite cabinet as it is today.

26 July 2009

Return of the Buttons and my Daily Blogging!!

I'm sure you noticed - I was on a personal blogging break last week. I've had lots of stuff going on and not a moment to collect my thoughts to write anything worthwhile. However, I need to get back into my routine this week and for sure I will be concentrating on my daily blogging.

Today I finally reprinted and assembled two edition of pinback buttons. One set is brand new, vintage doll covers, and one is an old favorite, vintage Japan images. Both available for a limited time - through October 31. Both sets will arrive tomorrow. (I assembled them way to late to take nice shop photos.)

23 July 2009

Shop Additions!!

Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
Finally had some time to take photos of shop additions! Yay! I've had a busy, busy week and it was nice to have some time at the right time of day to take them.

Watch for these items to arrive late tonight and throughout tomorrow. (More coming also!)

20 July 2009

Kitty Cats!!!

Here's the new edition of Kitsch-tastic stickers "Kitty Cats"! All kitschy and cute. Look for them to arrive in the Shop by Wednesday.

16 July 2009

Sick in Doll Land!

I'm sick today (but on the mend - don't worry) that even working on my wireless laptop isn't happening. I've seen the doctor, got three prescriptions, and I've slept most of the afternoon. Tomorrow is another day!....so I'm hoping I'll be back to work to add the cute things you all see on flickr (and other stuff). See you tomorrow! (In the meantime, enjoy cute doll Willow!!)

15 July 2009

Return of Doll of the Day

I'm back to my daily "Doll of the Day" routine. See all the photos here and here.

Sneak Peek: Animal (Illustration) Stickers

(Though I'm a tad ill - if you didn't notice already on Twitter) I've been working on new edition of stickers. One set is images of my animal illustrations (above). They still need minor size, color and other adjustments but here's a sneak peek of my work in progress. Look for them to arrive by next week.

ANOTHER Raggedy!!

Sometimes when I find a new vintage doll (like a Raggedy) it's usually by accident. I then get the urge to hunt for more of the same. So within days of my last Raggedy, I found another. He's a twin to another one (a boy!), but he's still fabulous. NOW I HAVE EIGHT!!

13 July 2009

A Favorite (Sweet) Kokeshi Doll

I have many sweet and amazing Kokeshi dolls. Here's another one of my favorites!

Book Cleanout!

I have too many vintage craft/art books!! I'm parting with many so watch for these books and others to arrive in Shop 66 all throughout the week. There's some goodies!

10 July 2009

Meet the Clowns!

Meet my cute vintage kitschy clowns! Bright, fun and fabulous faces. Both made in Japan, 1960's.

(Some of) My Favorite (Little) Things

I needed to add some things to the mini display case in my doll shelves so I thought I'd take a close up shot while it's open. There's lots of goodies in that case and cubby/shelf!

The "Little Things" Case Vintage Mouse (Wedding) Party (made in Germany)
Basket of Vintage Chenille Animals
Cute Toy Bunnies

08 July 2009


Originally uploaded by changoblanco
I love to reunite long lost toys. While Banjo Alligator made his way to his cool new home, I discovered his long lost Racoon band mate. I was more than happy to ship him off so he could join a long lost friend.

Here's their awesome reunion photo!!

Sneak Peek: Chenille Cuties & Baby Dollies

Here's a sneak peek of items ready to be added to the Shop (starting late tonight). See more at my Flickr.