31 March 2008

Here's Just a Start...

New items have been added to the Shop!
Check back later as I will be continuing to add new things all week... :)

30 March 2008


Starting tomorrow (Monday, March 31 - no specific time...sorry!) I will be adding items to my shop!!! It's been a long few weeks but I'm finally well and ready to restock Shop 66! Happy shopping! :)

29 March 2008

Happy Birthday Meiko and Milo!

One year ago today my youngest ferrets were born!

Meiko and Milo were reserved from a breeder (Savannah Lakes Ferretry) and so I got to see photos the minute they were born and watch them grow before they went home with me. They are the only ferrets I've ever had that I got to know what day they were actually born.

Happy Birthday Meiko and Milo! :)
Meiko (as a kit, above; today, below)

Milo (as a kit, above; today, below)

28 March 2008

78 degrees!

It's 78 degrees in South Carolina today! Feels like summer. And on top of that I feel like I'm finally almost completely well. But I feel sad for my poor neglected shop... I'm almost ready to start uploading things but I'm taking things slow so I do not over do it and have another setback. I have a tendency to over do it when it comes to work.

My shop inventory is amazing and needs to be shared - ASAP! Today I received the coolest vintage chenille creations - little palm trees with native creatures... wild! These too will be in my shop very soon! Oh, the anticipation... :)

27 March 2008

What I've been up to...

I'm still busy, busy organizing and recovering... thank you for your patience! Good things are coming to Shop 66 very, very soon! I promise!! Forgive me for all the waiting and waiting!!

Here's some photos of my reorganized and cleaned-up office (or dolly room):

25 March 2008


New items will be added to the Shop very soon! I thought I'd be ready this evening but I'm not -- I'm in a sea of stuff in my studio and overwhelmed on where to start! The more organized I get the more items I'll be able to share with you so hang in there! Check back later tonight or tomorrow morning for news on my progress and possible time I'll start uploading new items. :)

24 March 2008

Shop 66: Back to Business!!!

I'm back to work! Today I need to organize myself and finish up a few projects and run some errands so here's just a sample of new items that will be added over the next few days:

Carton of Mushrooms

New Tins of Plastic Miniatures and Charms. This is just a start... more coming. Shop 66: Sixty-six Babies Tin (yes, there's 66 babies in each tin) Flat Color Themed Tin "Deer Love" Tin - packed with cute deer things (will also include deer pinback buttons and magnets). There's also a mushroom version.
Enjoy your day! :)

22 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Wishing you a happy and safe Easter Sunday!!

Yes, I am...

and today's one of those days. Part of the process of healing I guess? Anyway, I started making Shop 66 miniatures tins and packaging and photographing other great stuff and then I felt sort of "green". But do not worry, items are coming soon to Shop 66 - I just need to get well! Sorry for the waiting and waiting... :(

21 March 2008

Coming Soon: Chenille Animals

Here's more wonderfulness coming soon to Shop 66! Chenille Animals! with babies!!

Please note, to be fair, items I'll be listing over this holiday weekend will be uploaded randomly. All of these items will be things I have multiples of and will not be one of a kind or rare. Also, as indicated in yesterday's post, I will not be uploading dolls until Tuesday.

So relax! Enjoy your Easter weekend!

Coming Soon: Stunning Little Birdies

These stunning little chenille birdies arrived in my studio today!! (They're even better in person!!) Coming very soon to Shop 66....

20 March 2008

It's Spring at Shop 66!!!

Spring is officially here! and perfect timing -- I'm officially finished with my "sick leave"!!! Time to start adding things to the Shop! New items will start arriving tomorrow night! However, Tuesday (March 25th) will be the first real "Doll Night". I have TONS of dolls, doll heads, doll faces and other surprises.

In the meantime, here's some new things that arrived at my studio....

Drawing fun!
More vintage eraser fun!
I will hold the bag!
Four new Shop 66 buttons.

19 March 2008

Shop 66 Love: Elf Creation

This cutie was created by Amy B with the help of a Shop 66 elf/pixie head! Way to go Amy!! What a super cool little guy!
(More elf/pixie heads will be available in the shop very soon.)

18 March 2008

Sick Leave ending soon...

Ten days is a long time to be on sick leave... especially for the sick person. But soon the 10-day mark approaches and I should be well enough and ready to start adding things to Shop 66. Please visit my blog on Thursday evening, March 20th, as I will have news on when I'll start adding new items. Thanks for all the well wishes! :)

In the meantime, here's some cool stuff I got in the mail today:

Shop 66 Love

Every Shop 66 package is sent with love!

Thanks Sugar Lemon for taking these record photos of your package! (This "lot" went all the way to New Zealand). Thanks for your Shop 66 love! oxoxox


17 March 2008

The Axe Man's New Home

Another Shop 66 wonder fitting in well at his new home in the Pacific Northwest!!
(Thanks for sharing doublewinky!!)