30 April 2008

Soon, my friends, soon...

New items will be added throughout the day tomorrow!!
(I went and bought all that extra camera equipment and lights, etc. and, well, I'm still trying to figure it all out!?!?!. Sorry for the delay!!)


When I looked at these stats today the first thing that came to my mind was how up and down they were -- kind of a reflection of how I've been feeling lately!

New Arrivals for the Shop

I'll be adding new things tonight in the shop - finally!
Here's a peek:

29 April 2008

Shop 66 Studio: My Handmade Collection Cabinet

I'm sick with grief today - I miss my little ferret. It was very hard making the decision to have her put to sleep and to be there for it. It's never easy to lose one of my ferrets - they are comfort animals for me. It's going to take me a few days to feel better.

To get my mind off it this morning, I emptied my handmade collection cabinet, moved it into my bedroom and replaced the majority of it back into the cabinet. (This is just a portion of the collection - I have so many they are spread around in other places around my house.)
For more about me crazy collecting - here's an interview that was on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/thisHandmadeLife/article/where-oh-where-are-all-my-plushies-going/1227/.
And for more photos of my collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14915441@N07/sets/72157603410890201/

If you've tried contacting me the past 24 hours and have not heard back, I apologize, I'm just not myself today. I'll try to get back with everyone tonight. Thank you for all your kind words!! :)

28 April 2008

Sad News

My April (4.1.2004 - 4.28.2008)

My little sweet ferret, April, had to be put to "sleep" this afternoon due to Adrenal Gland Cancer. She's now crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye my sweet girl! We all loved you very much and we will miss you! oxoxox
(Right now it's raining very hard here. It's as if the sky is expressing the sadness in my heart.)

Shop 66 Studio STUFF!!

Just for you!! Now available @ http://www.printfection.com/shop66studio -- Shop 66 stuff!! Here's a peek:

Look for more items in the future!! :D

27 April 2008

Reserved Reserved Reserved

If you're waiting for me to set up a reserve and I have not set one up please contact me! I had a lot of messages the past few days and I hope I've responded to all of them.

For any friends that were interested in Shop 66 rings, pins or handmade things they are all available as needed. That's the wonderful part of handmade - you will not miss the chance to get what you want! And I will also set up special reserves for any items you are interested in.

My weekend was very refreshing and good! I was out of the house for just fun only for the first time in months. It's so nice to not be sick!! I'll be sharing with you some of my shopping finds tomorrow. Have a nice Monday! :D

Sunday Sun

Yes, I'm still goofing off today. Once I tackle my office this evening and get reorganized I'll start handling all the special orders from the past few days and start uploading new items. After being sick and bed bound for months, I'm finally enjoying the great outdoors! Yesterday, we motored from island to island around here soaking in the sun! (I promise to take photos of this place soon.) Check flickr later tonight or tomorrow for photos of shop additions. :D

26 April 2008

Always Arty Me

I'm still rebelling from work and my shop today...I'm feeling very burnt out and that's not good when you're a creative person. However, I'm still up for a blog post.

From the moment I could dress myself I've always been an arty girl -- I wore cool denim overalls covered with appliques and patches, boots and a "cheesey" mouse hat at four years old -- just one of the hundreds of other outfits and accessories I can remember. As I was sorting through some digital photos yesterday I saw these two photos and remember more about what I was wearing than the moment.

The first photo below is me in 1990 wearing a favorite t-shirt I bought in a boutique in Irvine, California. You can't see it very well but it has a graphic of a primative man - very Jean Debuffet style. I wore it until it wore out and I still have it in a box in storage. The second photo is from around the same time - a quick polaroid shot of me wearing an awesome eighties-ish striped shirt and some favorite earrings - laminated art.

Above is a photo of many of the arty jewelry pieces I've collected the past few years and there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not wearing some piece of arty jewelry, t-shirt or bag. That's me "always arty." Happy Sunday! :)

Handmade Goodies Continued...

Here's some stuff in progress! I was able to buy a tripod for my camera yesterday so I can take acceptable photos - now I need to buy some better lighting. Look for these items along with more vintage things soon. I'm sort of rebelling today. My cold gave me a huge headache! I'm suppose to go on a motorcycle ride this afternoon and a Spring party. If per chance I do, I'll take some photos of my island! Happy Saturday! :D

25 April 2008

More Handmade Coming to Shop 66

I've been working on lots of little handmade things that I'll be uploading to the shop (besides the cute little dolly pin above) but I'm still working on the photography part! I need a tripod and better lighting...so after I accomplish that mission this weekend (remember I live sort of remotely from stores and shops so I have to take a road trip to get these items), many of these little cuties will be added to Shop 66. And in a few weeks, they'll transition over to Shop 66 Jewelry with lots of other cute vintage kitschy pins and things. :D

This Week's Dollies - All Gone!!

Good Morning! The dollies I had selected to part with this week are all gone. Check back next week for more dolly surprises.

The vintage Ara's and other items I had hoped to upload this morning are delayed!! Sooooooooo sorry but I'm still fighting my nasty cold and now George (my boyfriend) has acquired it.

If you are interested in a particular wool Ara cutie, please contact me through my shop and I'll reserve one for you (but only one reserve per person this time friends!!). There are bears, puppies, a deer, and a few mini Ara's.

Have a nice Friday, I'm off to take a morning nap! :D

24 April 2008

New Vintage Ara's!!

I was able to get a few more vintage Ara wool animals this week so look for them in my shop tomorrow at 10:00 am EST (after my doll listings). There are also packaged super mini Ara's - squirrels, kitties and puppies. I tried super hard to add them tonight but I ran out of time (and energy).

Get them while they last! :D

Dollhead Renovation!

Does something look different? Have you noticed? If you have not, look over to the left and check out my avatar doll head. She needed a little renovation. I'm not 100% finished but she's looking a little refreshed today.

Speaking of dolls..remember that tonight 10:00 pm EST and tomorrow morning 10:00 am EST is Doll Night (I'm going to keep it "Doll Night" due to it being night at some point around the world). I will list three or four pose dolls, some vintage doll accessories, and a few surprises. :D

23 April 2008

Where did I... get a cold???

It's a mystery! Where did I get a cold?
I knew I was working slowly yesterday -- I thought it was just being overwhelmed by the six crates of packages I had prepared for shipping the past two days but it's not...I'm fighting a cold! I have slept only three hours in two nights. (And somehow, my creative brain is still working but my regular thoughts are jumbled.)
I think I'll have to take some NyQuil and sleep! ;)

22 April 2008


It will now be:

Thursday at 10:00 pm EST
Friday at 10:00 am EST

As Shop 66 grows I have to change things to keep up with the business part (shipping, organization, etc.) in addition to the creating and finding the good stuff for you all!! Shipping time was bumping into other priorities causing a domino effect so Doll Night was last on the list and not working out the way I want it.

Thank you for your understanding!! Contact me if you have questions!!!

Happy Earth Day!

21 April 2008

Monday Madness: Shipping... more shipping... mail!

Here I am, on the sofa, taking over my living room... packing orders!!! I started at 1:00 pm and now it's almost 9:00 pm. It's my own fault -- I got way, way behind in shipping the past few days and so I'm paying for it today (and tomorrow)! That's me work, work, work and then crash and burn. And start all over again. More than just Monday madness... creative madness!!!

Earlier, I took a break when I receive my own packages! (I love Monday mail!!) Besides the cute dolly posing above, I received my package from Puchi Collective! Two dolly tees and a very cool dolly cutting board. The board will be used in my studio on my worktable to protect it from projects. I love it!! I also received lots of art and craft supplies I ordered to continue on the handmade things I'm making for Shop 66. And some other great items for the shop and a few magical wonderful surprises from friends (Thank you Natalie! Thank you Claire! Thank you Kim!).

So back to shipping!!!! All the little ones are finished, most are already on their way, and the big orders go out tomorrow! Yeah! Because that means I can start all over reloading the shop. Remember it's doll night tomorrow... time for me to spread dolly happiness all over the world! And for those US shoppers who are not ready for Mother's Day, I also have a few items I'll be listing: Tea bag holders, vintage Mother's Day plates, more vintage shakers, and chenille mommies and babies.

See you all tomorrow!!!!

Here's photos of my Puchi Collective stuff:

20 April 2008

Preview of new items...

Not so many words...

I'm a little lost for words today - just a little tired. I worked very late nights for a week and I burnt myself out a bit. As soon as I'm fully rested (I'm hoping by tomorrow) I'll be adding more items to the shop! See you soon! :)

Show and Tell: Collection Additions

Here's some of my newest personal collection additions!

18 April 2008

Day of Rest for Me!

Today I'm taking it slow because I'm a little tired from working late nights (or in some cases - all night). I've been working hard on new items for the shop and creating art (yes, it's true) so I need rest today. I'm watching some movies (Juno, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, There Will Be Blood) and hanging out on my sofa . I think my boyfriend and I will take a short motorcycle ride later. Nothing like it - clears the mind.

Once again, I have about 100 things to ship from this past week and I'm a few days behind so please contact me if you're wondering on the status of your package. I'm very good about checking off the "shipped" box on your order status so check there also. 100 more thank you's!!!!!! I love all my Shop 66 friends!

The photos are of my newest collection additions: a vintage ceramic big-eyes pony from Japan and a super cute wood dollies from Finland. They make me smile!! :)

New Items!!! Happy Friday!

Here's just some of the new stuff I added (or I plan to add) today!! More coming..... :)
Go visit Shop 66!!