31 December 2008

Jar of White Mice

Jar of White Mice
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In today's mail was a little box of 100 white plastic mice. I had a mini white mouse just like these mice when I was little. I still have the original mouse in my treasure box of childhood things. However, my mouse also has a little miniature chunk of cheese. It's amazing how many miniatures things I saved.

This jar was sitting on my work table for no other reason than to be put away - it seemed like the perfect place to store these mice.

(I'll be sharing the mice in Shop 66 very soon!)

30 December 2008

Ferret Stash

Ferret Stash
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My ferrets have an amusing stash of toys. They love anything felt, crocheted, and stuffed with cute faces. Just like me!

This is Meiko's drawer. She neatly organizes her toys - crocheted eggs and balls together and then cute animals and dolls lined up. If you have pet, you know they thoughtfully choose their toys - this is proof - but ferrets take it one step further: organize!

New Things!!

New Things
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Here's just a few new things added to the Shop this evening.

More coming tomorrow and the rest of the week!!

29 December 2008

Little Things

...around my bedroom...

Star Pixie

Tiny Box on top of my Jewelry Box

Tiny Pin Cushion Dolly Owl Cup
Earrings Stand
Dog House
Baby Photos
The Bear

In Memoriam

28 December 2008

The Shop Cabinet

For weeks I had hoped to transform my antique danish cabinet into a "Shop 66" cabinet. Today, I made some progress. About 50% of the cabinet is shop things, the other 50% is still personal things. The majority of my "stuff" has to be either in cabinets, drawers or containers to be ferret PROOF. Ferrets are thieves - that is what a ferret does - it's a hobby and a past time - so by habit I pile things on top of things away from ferret view. It's been more than stressful to handle hundreds and hundreds of Shop 66 things each month and deal with my five fuzzy thieves. So this cabinet with it's glass doors is just part of my solution.

27 December 2008

Mysterious Kidgets Pose Dolls

A year ago, almost to the day, I received my first "Kidgets" style pose doll - Red Riding Hood. She is quite unusual and marvelous so I was very happy to find two more Kidgets on Ebay - Little Bo Peep and Tip Toes. They are very well made and short with big felt feet. I anticipate the arrival of my new dolls - especially since they are in their original packaging (let's hope mold did not get inside). All my Kidgets have their tags - they were made by Calverta of Japan in the 1960's. That is all I know and so far these are the only three styles I've found.

New Pixies

I'm always on the hunt for vintage cloth pixies (and/or mascot, ornament dollies). Here are three different styles I found this past week. All unique to my collection! Totally made my day when they arrived this morning!!

Pin Cushion Dollies

26 December 2008

24 December 2008

23 December 2008

In the Shop

New Things!
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Available (or sold already) in Shop 66!

Dollys, fawns, santas, stickers, pixies, etc. What more could you ask for? (Christmas items will be continued to be added and stay in the Shop until the New Year's Day.)

22 December 2008

Animals Handcut Stickers - Now Available

Get yours while they are still at their introductory price. (Available as 5-pack or 10-pack.) Afterall, these are "handcut" stickers. I'm testing the market - I could potentially be cutting a lot of stickers. (Hopefully, yes and no.) A fridge magnet set will also come next.


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Today's Doll of the Day is one of my small, bendy style, pose dolls. This little dolls fits in my hand and has lots of little details that I find extraordinary for her size. She's very sweet so I thought mid-morning had the perfect light to capture how special she is.

Enjoy your Monday!

21 December 2008

Sunday Funday

I've got lots to share (that's what makes it "Sunday Funday"):

Introducing Shop 66 "Kitschy Stickers" - Animals Edition. Five handcut stickers featuring five favorite Shop 66 animals including Pup 66. They will appear in Shop 66 as soon as I take some photos. Another edition will also appear this week - kitschy doll heads.

Here is today's Doll of the Day: Winter. Watch for the link for my new blog page "Shop 66: Doll of the Day". The page has been created but not formatted.

Watch for shop additions... I've been distracted with domestic chores, Holiday stuff and creating so the additions are slowly appearing.

New Shop Additions - Today!

I'm adding new things randomly all day. Here's my favorite!!

20 December 2008

Rachel & Cecil

Rachel & Cecil
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Rachel is delighted to have a new puppy and is on her way to show him off to all her dolly friends. Cecil is super tiny and fits perfectly in her basket.

Everything is new to Cecil. He sits very quietly in the basket looking at the big world around him. He's had such a long day -- I think he'll ready for a nap.


OH NO!! Not another flickr goup!! (You're soooooooooo crazy!?!) So... I've created this group, Kitsch-tastic!!! , because a few things I saw recently were so super kitschy fantastic I thought they were KITSCHY-TASTIC!!! They are:

1) Little horsie video by Miss Retro Modern.
2) Matte Stephens "School Bus".
2) Space Age Squirrel's "Cheeto the Elf".

Sooooooooo this is a place for the most SUPER KITSCHY FANTASTIC items of all the hundreds of kitschy things out there!! Please join me in this effort to find more. This is only the beginning!!

19 December 2008

My 2008 Tree

2008 Tree
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Finally finished adding all the ornaments to my tree! I think this year it took me the longest - 2+ weeks.

I'm still not really on my feet. (I've been out of the house only six days since December 1. George has been my postal delivery man most of the month.)

This past Monday, I was lucky to attend the local art association's annual Christmas luncheon with George's mom (and lots of older interesting women) in a fantastic historic southern house downtown Beaufort. I'd say the little bit I've been out has all been quality time so it's not been so hard.

I will be adding some new additions to the Shop tonight and all weekend (if you saw my flickr photo of my recent found treasures you'll be sure to visit).

Nice Day for a Ride!

Elf Yourself: Shop 66 Style

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

18 December 2008

Doll Family Portrait

Family Portrait
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Here's Mary Ann and her adorable pup, Walter!!

Sitting still for this photo was hard for Mary Anne though Walter looks like he's ready to jump right out of the photo. Walter enjoys the attention of being photographed and will pose as long as you need him to. Mary Ann would rather be playing outdoors with her friends. Both are excellent models and I think their portrait turned out quite well. Thank you Mary Ann and Walter for being so well behaved!

Tiny Tree

Tiny Tree
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Here is my smallest tree this year. It's a vintage feather tree with only a few branches.

It's perfect size to display my favorite vintage chenille/bead ornaments. My favorite is the cute, kitschy angel at the very top.