29 March 2009

Charms & Toppers

Yesterday, it rained, and rained, and rained! Though it was very much needed rain to wash all the pollen away and water all the Spring plants and sprouts, it was dark and dreary. A perfect time to work on some new things - charms (above) and toppers (below) for the Shop! Both new items will be available in the shop later this evening.

Happy Birthday Meiko & Milo!

Two years old today! See their baby photos here!

27 March 2009

Lots of Things!

Here are two mosaics of the newest items in Shop 66 (many sold already). Please visit the Shop if you have not already! My next additions will arrive Sunday night.

26 March 2009

Tonight's Additions

I'm adding approximately 50 items this evening. The majority will be available for preview on Flickr before I add them. Please contact me if you would like to reserve an item or two. I want everyone to get a chance at having a few little Easter/Spring goodies!!

If you haven't noticed already, there have not been any "Doll of the Day" photos for a few days. I'm currently on a short dolly spring break. The main reason being it's been overcast for days and there's yellow pollen dust on everything and everywhere - in around my house. Not the best environment for me or my precious dollies. (I'm hoping to resume my daily doll photo project by Saturday!)

25 March 2009

Coming Soon!

Here's just a "tease" of items that will be added to Shop 66 soon!

23 March 2009

Doll #100

Today's Doll of the Day, Belle, is doll #100 of my doll photo project!

21 March 2009


This is my big boy ferret, Milo, wanting to sleep in while the other ferrets were playing. Of course, he knew we were all up...see his ear standing up. Within a few minutes he was up.

19 March 2009

Sweet Little Buildings & Bendy Belinda

I love, love, love vintage wood toys! Especially sweet little buildings. These three little buildings are currently my favorites. A squeaky mouse and cat bank, a cute little school house or church, and a windmill music box. I think they complement each other very much. (I think the 7 dwarfs in the background are ready to move right in.)

Bendy Belinda was enjoying some sunshine and hanging out on the deck today. That's all the news for now...but make sure you visit the Shop...I'm back to adding a few things daily!

18 March 2009

Understanding Complicated Grief

There's lots of movies about love, life and loss that touch me, but one recent movie in particular presents the subject of "complicated grief" very well -"Reign Over Me" starring Adam Sandler. It is about a man who has slipped out of reality after losing his wife and daughters on 9/11 and a past friend that runs into him. It was not a well liked movie, I can understand why, it touches on a subject that is hard for people to understand, relate to or want to deal with. If you have experienced instant loss of your spouse like I have or know someone who has I recommend seeing this movie.

I identify a lot with this character - his feelings and emotions, his childlike/youthful behavior, his abandonment of his career, his despair and frustration, his separation from those before, etc. As I sit and watch it again this evening, I realize again how much my grief is complicated and how I do not have words to always describe it. This movie speaks a lot for me.

Don Moss (8/4/63 - 7/29/04)

17 March 2009

Sweet Squeaks, Plastic Pins and a St. Patty's Day Dolly Party

After days of rainy days, we finally had some sunshine. Just in time for a little St. Patrick's Day dolly party. Wowee! Spring has really sprung...not only did I get attacked by aphids and gnats, I saw my first tiny lizard of the season soaking up some sunshine. (I'm hoping to see our the tree frogs on the windows soon.)
I also found the box of squeak toys I've been searching for weeks. Naturally, the box was right in front of me all this time. The box had my favorite little vintage Japan bear squeaker. Many of the other squeaks will shared in Shop 66.

All this squeak hunting was party due to my newest "Sticker Project" set "Super Squeaks" - they will appear in Shop 66 tomorrow afternoon. I also created several plastic laminate pins - packaged as "I love vintage" featuring some of my sticker project favorite animals and dolls. They too will arrive in the shop tomorrow.

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

16 March 2009

Bunny Gumball Machine & Lollipop Sticks

Last week while looking for cute vintage bunnies on Ebay - I discovered this cute bunny gumball machine. I watched it for a few days and when no one seemed to be interested in it, I snatched it up for only $8.00 USD. When I received it this afternoon, I quickly went shopping online for gumballs. If you've ever shopped for candy online you'll know it's very tempting. My "Candy Warehouse" cart is currently holding gumballs for my type of machine and some swedish fish and some pixie sticks for the Shop.

After that sweet filled candy experience, it reminded me to find "lollipop sticks" for a new project I'm currently working on. Soon I'll debut this item that needs these fantastic 4" tall white sticks. :)

15 March 2009


I'll be selling a few things on ebay the next few weeks (and maybe longer) - new things I can't sell on Etsy.com and some super cute vintage things I'd rather see go in a fair auction. The cute vintage Easter Lamb tea pot is the first item - a 3-day auction. (I will ship international, my listing will be revised before the auction ends.)

14 March 2009

New Stickers!!!

I just finished these two new stickers packs. Find them in Shop 66 very soon!

12 March 2009

Spring Visitors: Brandon, Andrea and Ollie Moss

Today, my nephew and his cute family came to visit me while on their coastal South Carolina vacation. Though it was only for an afternoon it was quality time. Here's some shots I took at the Waterfront Park downtown Beaufort.

11 March 2009

Easter/spring Items and etc.

Bunny Boy
Originally uploaded by ggmossgirl
I'm hoping to add Easter/spring items by the end of the week. We had a fantastic five days of perfect Spring warm weather and now that it's cooling down again, I can concentrate on Shop additions. Look for them to arrive Friday. :)

10 March 2009

Spring Sprouts

Signs of Spring are all over our "lowcountry" South Carolina home. Our yard is full of fresh spring sprouts. I've had windows open for days. All my ferrets have finished their spring coat changes. My black car is covered with a fine yellow dust. :)

09 March 2009

Little "Fancy" Pets

I've bid on a super cheap $5.00 Ebay lot last week of little vintage Japan "fancy" pets/animals. It was hard to tell from the photo what they really looked like, their size and if they were clean. It is always a gamble what you'll get with vintage plush. So when they arrived today I was more than happy to find them very clean, cute, super unusual and with tags. I love them all!! The note inside the box said "I hope you enjoy these little animals. I received them on my 16th birthday 52 years ago." Wow! I'm more than honored to adopt them! I think they'll be happy in their new home.

08 March 2009

Day at the Beach

It's been in the high 70's for a few days so I was wishing to soak in some real sun and fresh air. Today, we drove 20 minutes east from our island to the island George's parents live on "Fripp Island". As you can see, the beach was peaceful and quiet...and warm!

06 March 2009

Catch Up Time!

I've been away a couple days catching up with some real life things so now it's time for catch up with Shop 66 things!

I received a sweet convo on Etsy from flickrette j-critter earlier in the week introducing me to her new shop "Variations" featuring handmade bead dolls!! I instantly fell in love with them. Today I received my very first bead dolly (in the photos above and below) and it's fantastic!! In every way - craftsmanship, design and cuteness. I love it so much! Please check out her shop - though her little dollies seem to be selling very fast the shop seems to be replenished with lots of new ones just as fast.

The Shop's been busy so I've delayed adding new things but they coming! My vintage Easter items started showing up weeks ago but my handmade things will debut this coming week.

04 March 2009

Winky and the Tigers

Winky and the Tigers
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I'm off today! So here's a fantastically kitsch-tastic photo to share with you all.

I'll be back tomorrow to answer any emails/convos and to add new things for Shop 66!!

03 March 2009

Meet Mirian

A favorite cloth doll in my collection is Mirian - a vintage Dakin "Dream Doll" (doll no. 629 - actually labeled "Mirian"). She is from the late 1960's and was made in Japan. She is holding a vintage doll school bag(vinyl, 1960's - also made in Japan) - filled with Shop 66 miscellenous.