31 December 2009

Hello and Goodbye, Dear Samantha!

Like a flash, she was here and now she's gone... my dear daughter, Samantha!! She arrived Sunday - after a delayed flight, a missed connection, and a lost suitcase - but she finally arrived safe and sound (and her suitcase too - but the following day). Though we got only one hour for our planned downtown Savannah shopping trip, it was still nice to walk around a pretty city. Since we were so rushed, I didn't even remember to take photos! And I didn't find any treasures but Samantha brought me cool things from Michigan (seen in yesterday's post).

The next day we did some local downtown Beaufort shopping and had some Mexican food. When we got home Samantha helped me with some Shop 66 orders.

After she helped me cut kewpie stickers and paper dolls, she then shopped through my all my Shop 66 inventory and then browsed through my drawers and closets for even more goodies (what a lucky girl?). She discovered some things I forgot about - like silly "kOOky" man (above). She also shared with me all her "Little Men" paper puppets she will sell in her, soon to open, new Etsy shop.

On Tuesday we slept in a little and after a few errands we headed out to "Fripp Island" where George's parents retired. We walked on the beach for a while looking for shells and other treasures. I brought along Little Mermaid and Little Fish for some Doll of the Day special shots.

We would have stayed longer because it was a warm day but Samantha accidentally sent her shoe out in the ocean. That evening Samantha dived into my art and vintage supplies and created some fantastic goodies. Below are the things you created with vintage Pack O'Fun magazines. I'm in awe.On Wednesday I drove her back to the airport and she is now safe and sound back in Detroit - fortunately the trip back went smoothly. Love you Samantha! Miss you!! xoxo

30 December 2009

Little (Happy Holiday) Goodies

Tomorrow I'll be back to Shop 66 work. Hooray!! My visitor (my daughter) flew home today so I'm now I'm just resting and gearing up for tomorrow's Shop 66 return. I'm sure I have tons of mail and messages to catch up on!!

In the meantime, enjoy my Show & Tell photo of cute and fun goodies I received (or found) this Holiday week. I always wanted a "tater pot" plant. (Thank you, Samantha!!)

27 December 2009

From the Shop 66 Desk!!

This is a special message for all my Shop 66 friends that are interested in purchasing/acquiring Shop 66 things but do not have Paypal or an Etsy.com account. I'm very flexible and happy to work with you by old fashion mail order! Please email me at ggmossgirl@yahoo.com (give me a few days to reply - I get lots of email) and I can send back all the information you need to send me a money order, check, etc. I will also -very soon - have a link (or page) here on my blog listing all my available products. :)

26 December 2009

Ready for Company!

I've been busy today...getting ready for my daughter's visit. Samantha will be here 4 days! (Isn't she lucky she gets to sleep in the Doll Room.)

22 December 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Here are the Santa's in my collection. From an adorable trio to a kooky bobblehead! Enjoy! Santa's almost here...

And finally, a Krampus (or maybe a crazy looking elf).

21 December 2009

End of the Year: Vintage BOGO Sale!!

Surprise! To celebrate the Holidays and the end of 2009, Shop 66 is having a Vintage BOGO Sale!!
ALL vintage* is buy one, get one FREE (of equal or lesser value)! Just indicate "vintage BOGO" at checkout to receive a discount. Note: Payment must be made immediately through Paypal; your vintage BOGO discounted items will be refunded within 24 hours (via Paypal).

Sale starts 12/21/2009 12:01 pm (EST) and Ends 12/31/2009 11:59 pm (EST)

*Or all non-handmade Shop 66 products.

19 December 2009

While Sick in Bed...

If you didn't know already, I've been very sick and trapped in bed most of the week. When I get really bored and also tired of cutting stickers, reading, watching TV, etc. I've been sorting/organizing things in my bedroom like my jewelry boxes/containers, vanity table, drawers etc.

17 December 2009

The Cutest Vintage Reindeer

I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world because I have the cutest, friendliest vintage reindeer! Here they are as a group because I'm still very ill and on complete bed rest. I'm hoping I start feeling better soon. In the meantime, enjoy my cutie reindeer!

16 December 2009

Tis' the Season!

Tis' the season for fun vintage Christmas/Holiday doll collecting! Above are my newest vintage cloth knee huggers elves. And also a new style in my collection. Who knows what I'll find next?

13 December 2009

Naughty & Nice

I planned to share my vintage reindeer today but I've got to make this short and sweet so it's the perfect opportunity to share my newest doll collection addition. Winky Santa!! Another "winky" pose doll! A Holiday Fair doll by Heyeda, made in Japan in 1963. I'm totally more in love with the "winky" dolls now that I have TWO! (Actually three, remember "Winky & the Tigers"?) Now time to try to get back to work... I've got lots to do and not as much time as I'd like.

But I still love Chickens!

I have a confession! I've been having a bit of a problem for the past few weeks. And it has a name... it's called "shingles"!! Yes, dreaded shingles. (But do not worry, it's not serious; it's just interfering a little with life, Shop 66 work, Christmas, etc.) I'll be back to normal productivity soon. You see this all started with me having severe chicken pox in my late teens. All because I kissed a strange boy at a party with pox. The chicken pox I had was truly horrible. Every inch of me, inside and out, had chicken pox. It was about 3 weeks of torture. And because of my age and the pox severity, the virus still exists in my spine today and has been resurfacing slowly every few years with mild outbreaks of shingles. Not so fun. :( But I'm hoping this time it will go away for good. I'm crossing my fingers!!

12 December 2009

Knee Hugger Elves!!

Today I'm sharing every one's favorite, the Christmas "knee hugger" elf. (See if you can you find them in the photo above?) Who doesn't love the "knee hugger" Christmas elf? They started appearing on our Christmas trees in the late 1950's and changed our trees to be "cute + fun".

I'm fond of the rare cloth knee hugger but majority of collectors adore the classic kitschy impish plastic face knee hugger (below).

And if you are trying to get a knee hugger bargain on Ebay, it's impossible. You will have to fight to get just one. When I list them in Shop 66 they all disappear like magic.

Here are some of my favorite knee huggers:
Trio of large, cloth knee huggers.
Another large knee hugger, different style of face. By Herman Pecker.
Trio of little cloth pixie knee huggers.
Pixie-ish knee hugger.
Googly eyes knee hugger.
Knee hugger on a cushion!
Pinocchio-like knee huggers by Herman Pecker.
And finally, a NEW, HANDMADE cloth knee hugger by Boopsie Daisy.