12 November 2007

Ready, Set.....

I'm determined to start actually doing art and slowing down the other stuff that takes up my time - hunting, gathering and collecting....seriously. I think I broke my shopping bone the past two weeks! I have all the supplies and things I need....just got to dive in.

I've been drooling over quite a few great books latley and they've almost triggered my creative spirit. Here's some of my favorites:

Olle Eksell - Swedish Graphic Designer (ISBN978-4-89444-547-5; Pie Books). Fantastic book - all in Japanese but it really does not matter. I actually picked this book up at Urban Outfitters but it is also available at Last Gasp Books.

The Summer Noisy Book by Margaret Brown; Illustrations by Leonard Weisgard (ISBN0-06-020855-4; Harper Collins Publishers). I'm in love with Leonard Weisgard's graphics in this book. So primary - so flat - so pure. It's even a favorite of his children - on their tribute website.

Capek's Bookshelf: The Book Design of Josef Capek (ISBN4-89444-249-3; Pie Books) Brilliant Czech graphic artist born over 100 years ago. I bought this copy off GiantRobot.com but it is also available at Last Gasp Books.

Klaus Haapaniemi - Monsters (ISBN 1-58423-179-3; Pocko Editions - Gingko Press) Fin/Swede folk art inspired modern graphics - truly original.

Visit my Blog soon for images of my new work...


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