21 November 2007

Worked all night...

Like most artistic and creative people, I was up all night working. Or as some people call it - I had insomnia. I've always had it. Growing up my family thought this was unusual and that something must be wrong with me. The many different doctors I saw over the years didn't seem to think anything of it when they were told and looked for real things wrong with me. Then I met Dr. Rothenberg when I was 29 years old -- he put it this way "your normal - your creative mind works best in the middle of the night - I'm awake often between 2:00 and 4:00 am. Just do something constructive and creative with you mind. Once it's satisfied, you'll be tired again." Thank you Dr. Rothenberg!

Many famous creative minds had insomnia: Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare and Franz Kafka.

Enjoy my little drawing. Just one of the many things I did last night.


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