29 December 2007

Last TGIF 2007!!

It's our last Friday of the year! So TGIF!!!

Today was a day of discovery and arrival of new things! I felt like I spent a big portion of my day just unwrapping things. I received a Rinkya shipment today. Again, I can't say it enough, Rinkya is just so satisfying for a collector like me. I find things on Yahoo Japan I find no where in the States plus Rinkya helps set up searches for me when I can't seem to find something or I'm not using the proper terminology. Just look at some of my things.

I also had a chance today to sort through my vintage valentines and select many for pinback buttons and magnets I'll be making. Here's one of my favorites:

My favorite new vintage discoveries/findings of the day were boxes of mint vintage wrapping paper and very cool tins and boxes for storage. Here's my favorites:

I just love having unique and unusal storage containers. It compliments all the vintage stuff I collect. Reminder: Set your clock! I'll start uploading my new items Saturday night at 11:00 pm EST.


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SunshineCityLassie said...

Wooooooooooow! Look at all of this great stuff!!!