03 December 2007

The Other Side of Me

Sometimes it seems I have more to do than there are hours in the day. Now that I work for myself, I'm working more and more hours each day. In addition to the start of Shop 66 and the return to art, my boyfriend and I have also have an Architecture & Engineering Services consulting business.

We have both worked in the "A/E" world for over 20 years. Our new business takes top priority -- deadlines can never be missed! In addition to full engineering production support, we provide marketing coordination and graphic design services. As much as I wanted to exit this industry, I could not just leave it behind -- I had invested so many years in it and know so many architects and engineers needing my help.

One of the benefits as an artist is all the state of the art equipment we have, ie. plotters, large format printers, scanners, design software, etc. I've only just started to utilize it.

So, when you wonder why I take a little more time to get things up in Shop 66 or why a certain project I'm working on is not finished, you'll know I'm out there wearing my "A/E" hat and helping a fellow designer!

Happy Monday!

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