04 December 2007

My Wishlist

Here are some fun things that I have on my Wishlist:

Alexander Girard Wooden Dolls @ Design Within Reach
The collection now has 11 different dolls. I love wood dolls and this is even better - art dolls!

Misfit Breakfast Set by Trixie Delicious (Etsy)
I will never get enough of her creations! This one is perfect for me. It fits in with the "freak" cup I already have.

Original Painting: One Dolphin Band by AjaVu (Etsy)

If it's not this piece, I have to acquire a painting from this wonderful artist. I adore this one! Especially since I live on the coast again.

Paperdoll Plates Set by Popink

I've been a fan of Popink before it was even Popink (CSA Images). This set is so cool! Visit their online store to see more!

Carina Vinyl Toy by Tokidoki
Yes, I'm a Tokidoki fan. I have many hoodies and tees I wear around the house; I carry a very cute Tokidoki purse by Lesportsac daily; and, I've collected a few Tokidoki vinyl toys. This one is new. I love it!

Tis the Season! Happy Giving!


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