16 December 2007

Studio Progress!

What a weekend! I'm almost finished with expanding my Studio space. I still have a bit more to do but at least I finally have open work space, storage and both new printers are up and running and networked. Exhausting and rewarding.

Just FYI - new things will be not be added to Shop 66 until after December 26th. Please visit my blog and flickr for sneak peaks of the new inventory items and handmade things and art I'm working on.

Let's celebrate! It's almost time for a New Year! 2008 looks great! (and it rhymes - how corny)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have such cute stuff! Seriously, how do you find all of these things? I've worked in an antique store and a thrift store for a combined total of about 3 years and I never found anything this good. You're very creative! :)