02 January 2008

Available soon...

Hi there!!

I'm going to have to make this short and sweet today! I have a lot to do because I have a lot of things that will be available soon at Shop 66 (in addition to cute valentines day items). Here's just a peek:

Organizing for the Shop

See! I told you I had goodies!!!

Kitschy Vintage Animal Pins

Dollhead Beads
Teapots Beads

Vintage (Very Large) Wood Mushroom Beads

Hearts, Dancers, Fruit, Etc....Vintage Pins

Happy Happy Cat Beads

Vintage Wood Fran Mar Moppet Charms

As I am still feeling under the weather, be patient!! I want my things up in my shop just as much as you want to buy them!! Check later tonight as I promise to add a few new things!

Happy Wednesday!


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