07 January 2008

Catch Up Day

Today is "catch-up day!" I'm on the mend from being sick (for weeks)! Yeah! Life and work has piled up high so I'm sorry, I do not have anything too interesting to share. I promise the coming days will be a little more fun.

Status: If you are waiting for a package from me, you should be receiving it in the next few days or very soon. Everything either left today or will tomorrow morning. I had over 30 orders to fill so I was a little shipping department last night. Each package has a little treat / goody bag.

Starting Today: You will receive a surprise little trinket, toy or doll in addition to my normal goody bag if you spend over $20.00 at Shop 66.

Good News (I think): My inventory is growing and growing and it's just a matter of a few days when I'll be organized enough to load a dozen or more items each day to the Shop.

Thank you everyone that commented on the new Shop and Blog header. It's still in the works but I'm glad you like.

I hope you all had a happy Monday.


1 comment:

Annie Oakleaves said...

Glad your feeling better. i cant wait to see what else you put in there :)