17 January 2008

Doll Heads!!!

I love doll heads!!! I love hunting and finding doll heads!! And I love to imagine all the doll possibilities when I find them! The majority of them I find in groups or "lots."
So I share them in my Shop! Here's are just some of my recent finds (and their Shop 66 status):

My newest find - vintage rubber doll faces. Coming soon to the Shop...

Curly Top Vintage Dolly Flower Heads. Coming soon to Shop 66... Vintage Felt Angel Doll Heads. Supply only.
New in Package Vintage Doll Head Beads. Coming soon to Shop 66...
Note: The dollheads at the top of this blog entry are currently available in the Shop - hurry only few available.

I also love art featuring doll heads! Here are two of my favorite artists who have doll head art:

Dollface Design

Little Miss Valentine

My Paper Crane


Happy Thursday!


dollface design said...

hi gretchen!!!! thank you so much for featuring "little miss valentine" on you blog as well as "the littlest queen", i appreciate it so much! :D hope you have a fantastic weekend and i'll talk to you soon...

GMoss said...

Your welcome!!! Keep making your cool dollface designs... :)

Karen Beth said...

Would love to know when the wooden doll heads at the bottom will be listed... :)

GMoss said...

I can make a special reserve listing for you! Please contact me through my shop and I can arrange! Thank you for your interest!! :)