14 January 2008

I Need...

I give up! I need a new camera. I've tried very hard to use the one I have but it's hindering me. So tomorrow I will give in and splurge and buy a new one. My first choice is a Canon Digital Rebel -- I bought one for my daughter a few years ago and she seems happy with it. I'll have to give her a call later to discuss if my observations are correct.

In the meantime, if you know of a better camera I should buy, please let me know. I need one that takes good closeup shots (for things in my Shop). I am very happy to hear what you recommend. I have so many things to add to my Shop and I've got to have the perfect camera.
I did refrain this weekend from gluing myself to the computer all weekend and it feels refreshing. I am once again learning to pace myself. Ironically, I am one that gives this advice to others.

Recently, I've changed my collecting mission. I've been buying more vintage paper and craft supplies. I'm now up to my ears in anything paper. You've all seen my valentines but I've also collected playing cards, wrapping paper, stationery, stickers, seals, etc. Look for vintage paper and stationery items at Shop 66 in the near future.

I hope everyone had a nice Monday. I know many in the Northeast were hit with snow today and I hope you are all well and keeping warm.


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Hello Cupcake said...

Hello. You hav been tagged by me, visit my blog for info!

I have a Canon Power Shot A520 which I got a year ago?? Well I think it photographs well but it photographs jewelry blurry