26 January 2008

Little Me

I asked my Mom to send me some photos of me as a child. I had particular ones in mind and naturally my Mom sent me her favorites. Fortunately, there were a few I did like. You see, I was wanting photos that capture the essence of the times - not really about me....but I think these few photographs capture a little of the late sixties and early seventies.

Family Photo, Santa Ana, (The OC) California, 1968. I am the cute curly headed baby. Four Years Old, 1970

Halloween 1970; Fountain Valley, California. I'm the yellow cat with the big red bow.

The Sunbeam Puppet Company, Walnut Creek, California, 1975. I am the cute girl in the front. 3rd Grade, 1974 Rose Parade, 1978, Pasadena, California

Phew! that's enough for me to think about -- my head's hurting....

I hope you can see in the photographs hints of handmade. Many of the garments in the photos were handmade by my Mom and/or were classics of the times (ie. the last photo I'm wearing adidas, a down vest, sweater hoodie, brown cords, and novelty mittens that say "nice"). The photos also include my mom's other handiwork - her puppets and costumes. She was a total DIY mom... amazing!


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