18 January 2008

No, I do not get everything I want...

I've been web browsing and looking at things I like. And as the title says - I do not get everything I want - sometimes I have to control myself and just admire from afar.

Here's what I'd love:

Bwana Spoons new art: Untitled

I really love the turtle in this painting! Very retro. (Currently in a show at GRNY)

Roost Carved Wood Trophy Heads

I've wanted one of these carved heads for a long time. (Available at Velocity)

Pipos Curo White Rabbit

I love the design of this doll. (Available at Dolls and Friends)

I'm still working on organizing, preppy and photographing Shop 66 new items. I plan to debut (upload) them on Monday afternoon. In the meantime, there's plenty of great shops out there to visit and things to see and buy on Etsy.com.

Have a nice Saturday!!


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