11 January 2008

Time Off...

It's time I take a few days off....I've been stuck in the house too much this past few weeks because I've been sick, busy working on projects in the Studio, and the planning for new things for the Shop. So tomorrow I'm going out and about. If I see some good stuff I'll share some photos with you.

Many of the elves and dolls I posted for Valentine's day this evening went fast. There are a few left so grab them quickly. I'll post my pins and buttons tomorrow evening. Thank you for your purchases and interest.

Have a nice weekend!!



Elsita :) said...

Yes Gretchen! You deserve to have some fun time! Take a brake from work and do something else and then you will be back with more energy. About the blogger friends list you should do the same when you are ready, it is great. Now when I wanted to visit you I only had to click on your link and here I am, that's so exciting!!! I also wish you a GREAT weekend!!!
Elsita :)
(I will be so busy!!!)

CresceNet said...

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Hello Cupcake said...

Love the cups illustration!