30 January 2008

Valentine's Sale!! (and I'm finally well....)

Good News!! I am finally well!! One week of bed rest and antibotics worked. I'm crossing my fingers that I stay that way...

To celebrate and to clear out the existing items in my Shop, I'm having a Valentine's Sale this evening. All my items currently in the Shop will be 50% off and I'll be listing many new vintage Valentine's items at very low prices. (You will also receive a free little gift and some vintage valentine's with your purchase - not matter how small.)

On Saturday, I'll start listing many new things - dolls (kewpies and cloth), dollheads, easter things, pins, etc. -- I've been hunting and gathering for weeks now and my office and studio is bursting -- I have plenty for everyone!!!

Thank you, thank you for your messages while I was sick!! I'm wishing myself and everyone good health as we get through this strange weather winter.

Starting at 8:00 pm EST I will be reducing my existing items to 50% and slowly adding the Valentine's items. Check back later for a sneak peak mosaic. :)

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Annie Oakleaves said...

Glad your finally better!