25 February 2008

April's Story

April is a very special ferret to me and there's a story behind why...

April was this cute little kit at a pet shop in Royal Oak, Michigan (just north of Detroit). It was near the video store my husband I stopped by almost every day so we often stopped there also to get supplies for our ferrets or to just see the cute kits (babies). The shop owners always had such cute, sweet ferrets because they handled them all day long and gave them lots of attention.
About a week before my husband passed away, we stopped in there to get something and when I turned around from the register a little ferret was in my face and Don (my husband) said "isn't she cute - i bet you want her!?!". She was so cute and fuzzy and soft AND super sweet. She gave me all kinds of ferret kisses! I loved her! Of course I wanted her!! But I had two ferrets and I just had to say no. I thought about her for days but when my world turned upside down I forgot all about her.

About a two or three weeks later, I stopped back in there to get supplies again with my daughter. I walked in and immediately that little girl ferret caught my eye! She was still there! OMG! She was the only ferret in that shop and she was so cute.... why was she still there! My heart was beating so fast -- it was meant to be -- she was supposed to be there! It's a sign! I grabbed her and said to my daughter, she's coming home with me! I then told her the story. So, my dear little April came home. So you can see why she is a very special. She has comforted and made me smile every day since she came home with me. She has been with me through this long journey!

I love my little April! :)

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