08 February 2008


I've discovered some interesting things the past few days:

"Yellowman!" A miniature drawing I did 10 years ago. It fell out of a book in my living room. Who knows why it was in there...!?! Very cool photographs of dolls and toys by Boopsie Daisy! I did not know she was selling prints...and she is! I've been a fan of her work on Flickr.

Creatures by zoogenesis! I bought a "spiked red buglet" and a "grumpy pillow monster bead." I found this shop through Etsy's "Pounce" feature.

The Brother Stampcreator 2000! To make my own customer rubber stamps - what a cool machine. Who would of thought that this exists. I love technology!

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to start blogging soon & you can count on you & your shops to be talked about! Your heart is so great big & your style ROCKS my world. Thank you for your seemingly bottomless kindness! I'm so touched that you would take the time to mention my name!!! :) Gosh, Gretchen, you're the absolute sweetest thing on legs!

(Love Missy/Boops)