28 February 2008

Lady Business!

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My dear friends, as you know I've been sick soooooo much the past few months and I'm really not better. What's up with that? I found out it's not from my allergies, not from infection, not from my arthritis, etc. Crazy! However, due to some abnormal symptoms I was having I went to visit the "lady business" doctor yesterday (yes, that's what I call it now - my daughter uses this terminology and I've caught on...) I've come to find out I have a very common, but not so fun, thing that I've suspected for a couple years... much dreaded, not so fun.... endometriosis.

"Thanks for sharing" you say? Well, the only reason I'm sharing this with you is important. I will be having an outpatient surgical procedure very soon (maybe next week) and it will conflict with Shop 66 activities and shipping. Keep in mind, I've been working sick for months now - tired and in pain - so you might not even notice any changes but please be understanding while I "recover." Fortunately, at my (young) age of 42, this is in not really bad news! It's a huge relief to finally know what's wrong and have so many options to remedy - thanks to modern medicine.

So guys, sorry to bring up "lady business" and girls, sorry for sharing my "lady business." I'll try to stick with my updates and shipping schedule but please visit my blog for news or convo me through the Shop if you have any questions!! I know you will cheer me up through your flickr photos and messages!! :)


mandy said...

PLEASE GO AND REST. dun worry abt de shop. elves will run de shop!! shoo shoooooooo

Samantha said...

Stealing my lingo Mom??