02 February 2008

MORE News!

Shop 66 will officially split into two new shops when it reopens! Two new shops have opened to support this:

Why all this craziness? You see, my shop was opened under my first Etsy username "gmoss66." When I opened my shop I didn't change the name because you can't change your username on Etsy.com. What I did not think about was the confusion of finding my shop as it grew a customer base. However, I reserved the Shop 66 name months ago when I realized I had made a mistake. The second shop, Shop 66 Jewelry, was freshly created today. This site will feature vintage jewelry and supplies.

And to confuse you even more...."gmoss66" will stay open for my art. I've used the artist name "gmoss" for almost 20 years now so naturally my art will be available there.

Please contact me if you have any questions! :)


yael said...

no questions at all Gretchen!!!! It is perfectly clare!!!!

Renee said...

Love your new banner! It's an inspiration for me to change mine - it's been that way forever!

Good luck with 4 shops! I can't even handle two, plus a full time job. I will keep checking back! (c;