14 February 2008

My Four Valentines!

Four people are dearest to my heart this Valentine's Day...and always!

My daughter, Samantha. I miss her -- she's 1,000 miles away in super, cold Detroit. I love you Sam! You'll always be my little Valentine! oxoxoxox

My boyfriend, George. He's been by my friend for so long and been by my side through all my loss and helped me with a new beginning. And he quietly put's up with all my crazy collecting! (though he thinks my pose dolls are out to get him...) I love you George! You are a true Valentine! oxoxoxox

My big brother, Scott. He's clear across the US in Seattle but it feels like he's right next door. He's always looked out for me like a good big brother. He's also the coolest guy I've ever known. I love you Scott! You are the best big brother! oxoxoxox

And my last Valentine, this is the hardest, I'm going to cry writing this.... is Don. My husband and soul mate. Though he is up in heaven, he will always be my Valentine. As said in our wedding invitation art I made 19 years ago... "our love will never die." I love you Don! oxoxoxox


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mandy said...

happy valentine day my friend!!